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    Bimecc USABimecc was founded in 1987 as a little factory specialised in machining and nuts working. Slowly it entered the italian market of fasteners. In 1994 its production started to be exported and between 1996 an 1997 the name Bimecc was already known all over the world and it had conquered a large part of the foreign market in the field of accessories for alloy wheels. Nowadays Bimecc counts some main affiliated companies and joint ventures:
    - SAFOR SRL specialised in machining
    - ROLLER BOX specialised in plastic items forging
    - ZINCATURA NAZIONALE specialised in zinc-finishing
    - CINEL DECOPLAST which manufactures a new line of hubcaps.
    - APP EUROPE that is managing the forged wheels program.
    - APP TECH specialised in the complete wheels business
    - MINARDI PIQUET SPORT, the Bimecc team for F3000 and GP2.
    Bimecc is located in the North-East of Italy. This position allows easy international exchanges with the whole Europe and guarantees quality services in a very short time. Bimecc’s products have been tested and approved by German TÜV and the company has now adopted and implemented the Quality System according to the International norm ISO 9002. Recently we have also obtained the QS9000 and ISO-TS certifications by TÜV . Last year Bimecc created a new branch which is specialized in quality development and projects supported by new technological instruments so that we are now able to satisfy the several requests of special items. This renewal has consequently brought to a plant expansion (total area: 5000 m2) also in order to have a more equipped warehouse with the whole range of products which are present in our catalogue. Since January 2001 we have a bigger and more equipped warehouse to satisfy all the requests of our customers with very short delivery terms spreading our facilities on 20000sqm.

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