Yes, Your WRX Hatchback Needs a Catback If You Want to Reach the Next Level

Releasing exhaust holdup is what a WRX hatchback catback is designed for. That is why this is one of the first customizations drivers make if they want a performance upgrade. When it comes to factory systems, there is a significant amount of airflow that is constrained due to narrow piping and indirect pathways. A WRX hatchback catback exhaust is intended to loosen it up to promote a more distinctive sound as well as some extra horsepower. This modification can also be used as a starting point for other steel Subaru exhaust parts if you are looking for a full racing profile. Either way, a WRX hatchback catback from Perrin raises awareness.

The main difference is in the muffler. Perrin cat-back systems feature a specially-designed muffler that has a center chamber in which exhaust flows through. When the air hits the inside and is streamed out, it helps engage a more aggressive tone. The inlet pipe of the Perrin cat-back system enhances the density of the airflow, reducing restriction, and increasing its velocity. The benefit to this is two-fold. First off, the Perrin cat-back system is able to deliver the custom sound you want. Secondly, the reduced restriction offers more horsepower. However, the amount of HP a Perrin cat-back system is responsible for is slight. It is more intended to increase the potential of additional WRX custom exhaust components.

If you connect a downpipe to the turbo along with a Perrin WRX catback exhaust, you have what is referred to as a “turboback” setup. It is this configuration that is most popular for drivers seeking extra horses. By itself, a Perrin WRX catback may help release a low amount of horsepower. However, when mated along with an aftermarket downpipe the number can be as high as 15-20 HP. This is not taking into account other variables such as engine upgrades, intakes, and so forth.

Each Perrin WRX catback exhaust system is engineered from T-304 stainless steel. The application of steel is for toughness in relationship to surrounding parts as well as resistance to heat and rust damage. The pipes are mandrel-bent and CNC-machined at the flanges. Each automotive exhaust comes with instructions, steel hardware, and a Lifetime Warranty.

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