Yellowstuff Brake Pads Raise the Bar in Versatility

The most versatile brake pads are the EBC yellowstuff pads. They have a huge heat range that can handle street use on high power vehicles to track day and race use on most street based cars. EBC yellowstuff is also a great upgrade for trucks and SUVs. Their truck brake pads are perfect for towing heavy equipment in which the pad can handle the added stress. EBC brake pads are the number one replacement brake pads for every vehicle today.

Performing at their best in either the hot or cold, EBC yellow stuff are ECE brake safety tested which perform at least as good or better than factory brake pads. Finding the right set of performance brake pads that can be used on your vehicle during the week and at the track on the weekends is what some enthusiasts are after. Many of us do not have a dedicated track car and need versatile components. The yellowstuff street pads are a full grade of stopping power over factory when used on Japanese vehicles, and can beat out the brake pads on German-made vehicles.

High performance through various temperature changes is hard to find in aftermarket brake pads. Most are designed for either track use of daily driving under normal conditions. Although EBC yellowstuff perform at their best when given high temperatures, they still outperform any brake pad on the market. Their versatility is the most appealing asset they have. EBC yellow stuff pads give off as much brake dust as the OEM pads. If brake dust is your concern, EBC redstuff pads keep it to a minimum. For even better flow, a set of stainless steel brake lines could be added that will provide more fluid at a quicker rate.

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