XRC Corner Guards Let You Sling Some Mud In Style

Tough, detailed protection is what XRC corner guards are for. Considered by many to be an important off-roading accessory, Smittybilt rear corner guards bolster the back of your Jeep so that your exterior is not left vulnerable.

The body of a Jeep Wrangler is exposed to several dangers on the trail. Flying debris and rocks can cause damage, especially to the fenders and lower quarter panels. Drivers use XRC corner guards to provide a shield for the rear area and better protect the body. Many times, damage to the exterior can be done to your vehicle without you knowing it. This most often occurs in the back. With XRC corner guards, Jeep owners can stomp around the roadways feeling more confident.

Smittybilt uses cold-rolled 3/16″ steel to construct each set of Smittybilt rear corner guards. The steel is developed to handle potential contact to the body while also enacting a non-stick, easy to clean surface. If your Smittybilt rear corner guards become caked with mud or sand, simply rinsing it off should do the trick. There is a touch of style added, as well. Wrangler body armor is powder-coated for a matte black finish. However, you can change the color and paint to match the OEM body. If you already have rock sliders and tube fenders installed or plan to do so, Smittybilt rear corner guards can be used along with them to complete your Jeep’s suit of armor.

Each section of steel is hand crafted for an accurate fit and will conform to your Wrangler model’s corner dimensions. Wrangler rear corner guards are also available with or without a 3″ fender flare. Perhaps more importantly, you will not have to replace your factory taillights upon installation. However, you will have to remove them and any other Smittybilt corner armor prior to install.

In order to install Wrangler rear corner guards, slight modification of the vehicle is required but with minimal drilling. You will need a drill, masking tape, a ratchet, C-clamps and sockets. Aside from the drilling, Wrangler rear corner guards are a bolt-on install with stainless steel fasteners. It can be a one-person job. Once completed, you are free to hit the hills. XRC armor corner guards are a heavy duty Jeep off-roading customization.

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