World famous WRX Racing Pipes from GrimmSpeed unlock airflow, boost horsepower

Finding the right WRX racing pipes for your exhaust is easy with GrimmSpeed. Both competitive drivers and weekend hobbyists alike are always looking for ways to give their exhaust system a boost. That is because, as most car owners know, there is constant airflow disruption taking place with stock equipment. The job of WRX racing pipes is to not only eliminate this issue, but to increase performance. This is accomplished in numerous ways. GrimmSpeed makes their WRX racing pipes with roomier tubing, more concise shaping, and a high level of durability. You can purchase for individual results or to compliment a full custom turbo exhaust.

There are several primary examples of Grimmspeed Impreza parts. The most popular are the down pipes, which provide a valuable service to the exhaust system. Their job is to connect to the turbo. OEM downpipes have two things working against them: A narrow diameter and catalytic converters. The objective of Grimmspeed Impreza parts is to enact a wider diameter of piping for exhaust to flow through. Their secondary focus is replacing the stock catalytic converters, due to their restrictive influence. Most Grimmspeed Impreza parts showcase a diameter of 3”, delivering more space for airflow to exit.

Plenty of drivers are concerned with the horsepower benefit. In this case, Grimmspeed Impreza parts can display varying results. It mostly depends on factors such as the car’s model year and if there are other modifications present. When it comes to Subaru aftermarket race pipes, the location is crucial. A down pipe by itself may assist with 10-20 extra horsepower. But if mated with a turboback, it could help with another 10 HP. The same thing can be said of WRX up pipes. Alone, they are good for approximately 8-12 horses. However, combining these Subaru aftermarket race pipes with other performance parts is what brings the most benefits.

You can rely on the quality. Grimmspeed constructs all of their Subaru aftermarket race pipes from T-304 stainless steel with thick 1/2” flanges for a tight seal and fit. Each part is put through a mandrel for accurate bends as well as an optimal exhaust path. Plus, Grimmspeed has an aerospace welder on staff to take care of all the precision welds near the flanges and elsewhere.

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