Why Replacing Spark Plug Wires Is a Good Idea

Upgrading to Magnecor ignition cables means you want to get rid of your damaged and worn out factory cables, or you need a high performance set of race wires to compliment your upgraded ignition system. Magnecor spark plug cables are available for both OEM and racing applications where a strong spark is needed. The decision to replace your current ignition wires should be a no brainer if you want to increase your engine’s performance.

Let’s say for the couple of months you have been noticing a decrease in engine performance, whether it be a drop in fuel mileage or just a bad running engine. In this situation, you would take it to a mechanic in which he charges you a large amount of money to diagnose and repair the problem. However, he calls you up as you are patiently waiting and notifies you that there really is no mechanical problem, just an old and worn set of spark plug wires. This could be shocking to some, but it is reality. Spark plug cables are the most difficult to diagnose when there are engine problems. At this point, you decide to upgrade to Magnecor ignition cables to pamper your engine.

Consistent with old and damaged wires is usually lots of carbon build up and cuts in the wire themselves. When this happens to OEM ignition cables, they can spark or leak which loses spark energy. When spark energy is lost, the spark plugs are not getting the proper amount of energy to ignite the air and fuel mixture in order to combust. What this does is brings down your engine’s ability to perform at its best. Upgrading to Magnecor ignition cables will restore full power and also last long as well.

If any of the above is current to your situation, then Magnecor OEM replacement ignition cables are your perfect fit. They are made specifically for your car, truck or SUV and even fit in the factory holders to keep in place. Spark plug cables should be kept away from moving parts and harmful chemicals so making sure they fit is a priority.

Aside from being a perfect candidate for OEM replacement wires, Magnecor ignition cables make great race wires to handle that extra spark consistent with an upgraded ignition system. The reason you would want to upgrade your factory ignition system is because you have upgraded other performance parts on you vehicle or have even added a forced induction kit. When you add a forced induction kit, more air is being shoved in to mix with more fuel, thus needing more spark. Magnecor ignition cables can and will provide extra spark so this process can happen.

An electronic ignition system upgrade is very common among hot rods and classic vehicle to get rid of the old and dated ignition system. Magnecor wires are perfect for these situations and also are available in copper conductors which do not suppress EMI. Older vehicles do not have as many electronics on board as newer vehicles do and are not in need of RFI or EMI suppression. The copper can handle the spark just find and they are just as cheap as their other spark plug cables.

Their race wires come in a couple different sizes with a core that is made from wound wire to handle the extra spark energy. The outside insulation jacket is extremely think so hot temperatures will not have a chance at melting it. Their spark plug cables can also be custom made to your specific engine if you do not see yours listed, although they do manufacturer products for nearly every engine made. You will never have to replace the Magnecor spark plug wires as long as you keep them clean from harmful chemicals. They are very easy to wash and a rag with alcohol would do the trick. There is actually no specific procedure to extend the life of your spark plug wires, but Magnecor wires do last much longer than anything from your dealership. As soon as you notice some carbon build up, you should clean the wires so you get the most out of them.

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