Why Drivers Still Choose Husky as Replacement Floor Liners

Motorists still like what Husky liners have to offer

In the automotive industry today, drivers have plenty of aftermarket floor mats to choose from. Even with so many options, Husky remains among the most popular brands around. But what is it about Husky’s floor liners that make them such a common upgrade for so many people? Is it the different styles available or the kind of protection they are known for? There is more than one reason why motorists who own vehicles of every size and shape pick over other available options.

One factor that take precedence is the material. Husky liners boast their own rubberized compound that displays a non-stick, non-slip surface that is extremely durable. This surface is used on all of their styles, but is textured differently according to the design of the mat. For instance, WeatherBeater liners display a surface that is geared towards providing grip while still being able to stop liquids from moving around. But the surface is still somewhat thin. Husky Heavy Duty mats on the other hand, are thick with a surface that displays a series of high-walled channels to hold down mud or slush. The material Husky uses have makes their replacement mats versatile to all kinds of situations that can pop up. Other aftermarket choices simply do not use the same quality material as Husky continues to.

Perhaps the main reason why drivers choose Husky has to do with fitment. Car companies do not expend a lot of effort when it comes to the carpet mats they include in vehicles as stock. These mats are very often square sections of carpeted vinyl that is too small to take up space over a large portion of an area. They also have a habit of shifting or sliding around. When people purchase a new car, a lot of times they want liners that are higher quality than factory car mats and fit more snug. Husky liners are measured precisely according to the length, width, and shape of every floor of every vehicle they are available for.

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