What You Should Know about Gas-A-Just Shocks

Not every driver uses gas-a-just monotube shocks for the same reason. There are different advantages depending on your vehicle and driving habits. Many car owners will switch over to gas-a-just monotube shocks because they want to give their ride a more performance-friendly suspension. Some drivers simply want to upgrade on the factory setup. However, one area everyone agrees on is that they want a smooth, safe car that exhibits precise handling and control. KYB specializes in upgraded parts that do just that. Their line of gas-a-just monotube shocks offer better balance that is meant to last.

Many modern automobiles come with twin tube suspension assemblies. While effective, they are not ideal for performance or off-road applications. Single tube shocks have a lone cylinder with a wider diameter. The measurements of both twin and mono may be the same on the outside, but inside is where the action is. Single tube shocks feature two distinctive areas to host gas pressure and fluid. When under turbulence, the piston initiates an increase in gas pressure to activate damping force. At compression, the fluid is kept in check by the pistons to accommodate the area and to prevent leaks. During intense driving situations, single tube shocks have fewer issues to be concerned about.

There is also a departure in the size of the pistons. The pistons in single tube shocks are somewhat larger. The benefit to the size is that helps move more oil per stroke. With more oil comes better flow. It is primarily why KYB monotube shock absorbers provide a stout dampening effect.

Another point of note is heat dissipation. Since the oil and piston are not impeded against contact with the inner shell/outer wall, KYB monotube shock absorbers are not prone to heat fade. That is another factor in why owners of sports cars choose them over twin tubes. Faster cars create more heat which reaches the automotive suspension. Going with KYB monotube shock absorbers will help control the temp of the assembly to sustain functionality.

This part is considered a direct OEM replacement, so the fit will be exact. Unless you suspension is new and one side took incidental damage, it is recommended to install KYB replacement shocks on both sides of your vehicle. It may help with achieving better balance. Plus, these monotube car shocks come backed by a lifetime warranty.

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