What You Need to Know About Brake Pads for Your Performance Car

Slowing down automobiles, motorcycles, mountain bikes and other various means of transportation is done through the brakes. The brakes are a very complex system in which when the pedal or lever is applied, the car, motorcycle or mountain bike is slowed down. Cars, trucks and SUVs all use a similar set up which consists of brake rotors or drums, along with brake pads and brake calipers. Motorcycles and mountain bikes have a similar setup, but with much smaller components. EBC brake pads have products available for each type of transportation.

Brake pads are only associated with brake discs. Brake discs are found on automobiles, motorcycles and mountain bikes. Brake drums are the other type of braking system that is somewhat outdated, but still used on some vehicles and motorcycles today. Drum brakes are less expensive to produce and are found on the rear of cars and motorcycles, if equipped. Brake discs are superior to how light they are and their cooling capabilities. Drum brakes utilize brake shoes, which perform just like brake pads. EBC brakes have both replacement brake shoes and brake pads.

For automobiles, brake pads are housed in the brake calipers. The brake calipers are located on each side of the brake rotor. When the driver depresses the brake pedal, hydraulic fluid travels through brake lines. The brake lines squeeze the calipers, which clamp onto the rotor and slow the vehicle down. Brake pads are just as important as any other component of your braking system. Automotive brake pads come in many different compounds including organic brake pads, metallic brake pads and ceramic brake pads.

The brakes & rotors of any type of transportation are just as important as the engine. The engine starts it up, but something must slow it down. EBC brake pads slow the car down better than any other. They have over 8 different styles of brake pads that will accommodate highway driving and street racing. As consumers, we want our vehicle to perform to our liking. The choices of EBC brake pads will steer you away from your original equipment brake pads and provide you with better stopping power than before.

You may be wondering why there are so many choices, and why the factory brake pads aren’t exactly good enough. Well, simply said, OEM brake pads are mass produced and cost effective, which is why they are pretty much all the same. Aftermarket brake pads have many advantages over these due to how they are made and tailored for specific types of driving. OEM brake pads are designed to handle normal driving conditions.

Now you should consider the type of driving you do with your car or motorcycle. If you do normal driving on the highways and city streets, then the EBC Ultimax pads are for you. They perform just like your originals, but will last longer with some increased braking power. The pedal feel is the same and brake dust is also kept to a minimum. This is the most common type of brake pad, since more people drive under normal conditions.

High performance vehicles and owners who like to track their car need a more demanding brake pad. EBC racing brake pads include orangestuff, yellowstuff and bluestuff. These are the highest performance brake pads you will find. They are stronger than others and can handle the constant stop-and-go, along with heavy braking. The faster a car goes, the more power is needed to slow it down under intense situations. A soft compound will wear out extremely fast under heavy loads. This is the exact reason why EBC brakes have such great success. They offer such a wide variety of brake pads and are literally a one-stop shop.

Your brake pads will also talk to you and tell you when it’s time for them to be changed. They have special wear bars that will scrape along the rotor once they are worn down. This is the exact time to change them with the appropriate compound. Choosing the right compound will give your rotors extended life. If your brake pads are wearing out quick, then you are better off switching to a different compound. Your driving style is too rough, or you are choosing a soft pad.

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