What Magnecor Brings to the Table Is More Than Just Some Wiring

Magnecor is a US-based company that specializes in spark plug wires, ignition leads and high tension leads. They use the latest technology and have some of the most advanced spark plug wires on the market. Magnecor ignition cables are designed for nearly any engine made. They also supply custom spark plug wire sets, individual wires and spark plug wire parts.

Their product line includes Magnecor KV85 ignition cables, Magnecor Electrosports ignition cables, solid wire conductor wires and spark plug cable parts. Magnecor ignition cables are used for many different applications including OEM replacement spark plug wires and high performance race wires. Not only will your engine perform much better with their wires, but they will also last much longer than other spark plug wires.

The reason why Magnecor wires are more advanced than others is because of the RFI and EMI suppression that they use. They do not claim anything that is not true, unlike others. You will find that some companies claim extremely low resistance, which is not even good. Magnecor ignition wires are designed to improve your engine, not just to be a money maker. Magnecor race wires are the only ignition wires that can handle the full output of racing ignition systems while still suppressing EMI for electronically managed engines.

OEM replacement ignition cables are found using the Magnecor Electrosports series 7mm wires and 8mm wires. These wires are designed for exact replacement over your existing ones and are designed to give your spark plugs more spark energy. They have designed them to even fit in the factory holders so they will not move around while you are driving.

Magnecor race wires are designed for vehicles with upgraded ignition systems that provide more spark. Factory spark plug cables cannot handle the added spark and upgrading to Magnecor race wires is the perfect solution. They are made with a strong and heat resistant insulation jacket so there will be no chance of them melting at high operations which happens with other cheap ignition cables. They are available in either 8.5mm ignition cables or 10mm ignition cables depending on your needs.

They also offer copper conductor ignition cables which are also called solid wire cables. They are made for older vehicles, specifically European cars that do not need EMI or RFI suppression. Solid wire conductor cables work just like their other spark plug wires but just have a copper center.

Due to how well Magnecor wires resist heat, they have also been used by commercial vehicles, industrial engines, military vehicles, motor homes, generators and burners. Also, marine engines have also taken a liking to their spark plug wires due to their water sealing abilities.

Custom wires are at your fingertips when you choose Magnecor ignition cables. They can make you spark plug wires for whatever application you need them for. This is something that most companies are not capable of doing since they do not have the knowledge to do so. Magnecor custom ignition cables perform just like their pre-made sets and will benefit your application just as good.

If you are someone who likes to create your own parts, than you can do so using Magnecor spark plug parts. They offer everything needed to create spark plug wires including boots, terminals and the crimper. This is perfect for days at the track or if you want to make a large amount of replacement wires for a certain application. Although the crimping tool is expensive, it will pay off in the long if you plan on constantly making your own spark plug cables.

They are one of the very few aftermarket companies to suppress EMI and RFI in their ignition cables. EMI and RFI suppression is mandatory and was made this way after the 1960s when copper conductor wires faded out. Magnecor ignition wires always provide your engine with a better spark no matter what year vehicle or engine you have. The job of their spark plug cables is to give you better engine performance and eliminate the possibility of engine misfires or decreased fuel mileage. Upgrade to Magnecor ignition cables if you want better overall engine drivability and a product that lasts longer than any other.

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