What Exactly Is EMI?

EMI is electromagnetic interference which originates from spark plug wires and causes signals to be sent to computerized engine management systems or other sensors used on the vehicle. Magnecor ignition cables suppress EMI so that your vehicle does not experience any problems throughout the electrical systems during operation. Magnecor wires also suppress RFI which is radio frequency interference and messes with the antenna signal. For those not concerned with EMI or RFI, the Magnecor 7mm copper wire conductors are perfect.

When spark plug cables do not have EMI or RFI suppression, it will cause signals to affect engine management and the engine can misfire and lack performance. Magnecor wires are designed to prevent any of this from happening so you can get the full benefit of performance spark plug wires. EMI and RFI would affect vehicles the most that commute since every part of the vehicle is managed by a computer.

The effect of EMI is also never predictable and very difficult to diagnose since it comes and goes. Owners can spend hundreds of dollars in repair costs due to poor drivability and decreased engine performance if they are using ignition cables that emit EMI. Magnecor race wires will prevent these high repair costs which often never fixes the problem. Spark plug cables that are corroded are also more susceptible to EMI, which is why OEM manufacturers recommend replacing them every few years. Magnecor ignition cables can last 50,000 miles or more depending on the application and how well you maintain them.

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