What a Perrin Catback Is All About

An increase in both performance and tone highlight why a Perrin catback exhaust is a popular addition for Subaru models. When you are interested in upgrading the stock system, you have to find the best starting point. Going with a Perrin catback exhaust means overhauling your OEM setup in favor of improved airflow. Thanks to high quality materials and a specialized design, you will not have to worry about durability or fitment. Each Perrin catback exhaust is manufactured to your car’s exact specifications. There are no headaches, muffler bearings, or paper-thin flanges to contend with. This is an upgrade that is intended to bolster your entire car exhaust system.

There are two main advantages to this modification. The first is in performance. With an Impreza WRX catback exhaust, you are implementing pipes that run from the catalytic converter(s) to the back of the car. The OEM configuration works but it holds up the flow of gases from being properly distributed. A new Impreza WRX catback exhaust offers wider diameter tubing and a more direct pathway for airflow to travel out of. In turn, some hidden horsepower is released along with a tick upwards in MPGs.

Of course, one of the main attractions to an Impreza WRX catback exhaust is the tone. This comes courtesy of the technologically advanced design of the muffler. Perrin engineers their performance mufflers with an inlet pipe that is sized for this particular application. Air streams through the center chamber of the Impreza cat-back system and is then ushered out. The result is a more aggressive sound that balances between smooth and ominous. To add even further onto your ride’s profile, the Impreza cat-back system boasts slash-cut tips which stand out nicely.

Stock exhausts are usually comprised of 409 steel or a meager alloy. Perrin manufactures their Impreza cat-back systems from 304-grade stainless steel. The usage of steel plays an important role in durability. The piping will not crimp or become compromised by any incidental contact. Just as crucial is the climate. Impreza cat-back systems that are forged from steel are resistant to corrosion and heat disruption. The consistent high temperatures exhaust parts are exposed to puts them at risk. Perrin performance exhausts are able to withstand the heat for a long lifespan.

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