WeatherTech’s Research Department Deserves Credit

The research and development (R&D department) team at Weathertech continues to improve on their already great floor mats and other automotive accessories. Weathertech floor mats already offer the best floor protection for your vehicle combined with durability to make them last. You may be wondering what else they could do to make them better. Well, in short, there is always something to improve on. They are working daily to find ways to create eco-friendly products as well as unveil more colors to satisfy customer requests.

The R&D department also begins working on products for brand new vehicles before they are even available at the car dealerships. Once you have your brand new car, truck or SUV, you can pick up a set of Weathertech floor mats or some of their exterior protection accessories to protect your vehicle from day one. You would not want the paint to chip from rocks or the interior floors to become stained from dirt and spills.

They are also finding more ways to accommodate international vehicles that do not have many options. Weathertech floor mats are available for vehicles that are not offered in the states and you still get the American made product. Renault and Peugeot are cars not available in the United States, but the team at Weathertech still provides interior protection accessories for these vehicles.

You can be sure that the Weathertech floor mats will be 100% eco-friendly and recyclable in the years to come. The government is putting a strain on companies to make their products as green as possible due to the growing numbers related to global warming. Owners will be able to put eco-friendly floor mats in their eco-friendly vehicle.

Constant measurements and calculations are done to offer your exact fitment products for your car truck or SUV. Their custom fit floor mats completely cover the carpet while their headlight protection film covers the entire headlight without needing to be modified. All Weathertech accessories are easy to install thanks to the team at Weathertech.

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