WeatherTech Has Floor Mat Options Every Vehicle Could Use

For some of us, the inside of our vehicle is treated like the inside of our home. We like to keep it clean and protect it as much as possible. Weathertech floor mats and interior protection products do a great at providing quality interior accessories. With so much time spent driving and traveling in our vehicles, keeping it clean is essential. There are so many benefits to a clean car. Dirt and debris can sometimes build up quickly in our cars. The more we get in and out of the car, the more dirt we bring in. Automotive protection on both the interior and exterior will keep the car looking like it just rolled off the assembly line. Aside from protecting the car, these accessories look just as good. It can enhance the appearance of the vehicle to make it stand out from the rest. There’s always a price to pay when buying products for your vehicle. Some prices are affordable and others are too high. Weathertech floor mats have low prices to go along with their quality parts.

DigitalFit Floor Mats

Have you ever bought universal car floor mats that slide around and do not fit the shape of the floor? For some of us, this has been an ongoing issue. Floor mats that do not fit can cause serious problems aside from not doing their job. A non-fitting floor mat can easily slide under the brake pedal to prevent it from moving. This is highly dangerous and can cause serious injuries. Weathertech floor mats have designed their digital-fit interior floor mats for an exact fit with your vehicle. Weathertech DigitalFit floor mats are created from exact measurements of the specific vehicle’s interior. Each and every product makes for an exact fit. These Weathertech floor mats are made for supreme strength and durability for all types of applications. They can also withstand high temperatures. The underside of the mat has been designed to adhere to the vehicle’s carpet without sliding around. The surface of the DigitalFit floor liner has channels that remove debris and liquids to keep away from the driver’s feet. All dirt and fluids are channeled into a lower part of the liner which makes for easy cleanup. These Weathertech mats are offered for both the front and rear where applicable. The rear DigitalFit mats are crafted just like the fronts.

All-Season Floor Mats

Cloth floor mats from the factory are no good, especially for the winter season. With all the snow and salt accumulated, our car’s need something that will protect our interior. Weather tech floor mats adds to their great line with all-season floor mats. Weathertech all-season floor mats are designed to handle anything. Just like the DigitalFit, they are measured for exact fitment and will not slide around. The underside uses small dimples to create friction between the mat and the carpet. The interior liners use offset channel that trap dirt and debris which allows for easy cleanup. Weathertech floor mats will not deform or crack under cold temperatures either. Different colors are available as well including black, tan and grey. Protection and styling is what Weathertech floor mats offer!

TechLiner Floor Protection

Trucks need protection too, right? Weathertech has made it very simple to protect the pick-up truck’s bed interior. Most of us use our pick-up truck for hauling debris and tools. The bed of the truck can become damaged and worn very easy. Weather TechLiner is a digitally cut product that covers the interior of the bed to protect against anything that may be thrown in it. It is one of the simplest bed liners that can be installed. It requires no cutting or modification. The TechLiner is completely flexible and will not fade from constant sunlight. Just like the other Weathertech floor liner products, the bed liner makes for a secure fit and will not slide around when driving. Match this with a tailgate liner, and you’ve got all the protection you need.

Cargo Liner Floor Mat

The vehicle’s trunk and cargo area are typically cluttered with all sorts of equipment and luggage. That is one area of the car that takes just as much abuse as the driver’s floor area. Weather floor mats have made an easy way to protect the vehicle’s carpet in the cargo area. Weathertech cargo liners are also digitally fit for any specific vehicle. It consists of raises sides that prevent dirt and debris from escaping onto the carpet. The surface is skid resistant to add to its already superior quality. The Weathertech cargo liner is available for car trunks, SUVs and minivans.

Weathertech Vehicle Protection Accessories

Weathertech floor mats are just some of the products they have to offer. Protection accessories like side window deflectors, car covers, bug deflectors, headlight protection, sunroof deflector, and rooftop cargo carrier are available through Weathertech as well. The purpose of protecting your vehicle is to ensure its value and keep it looking great. A dirty and scratches up vehicle doesn’t look so appealing. Riding around in style with Weathertech floor mats and accessories will keep the car looking great. Dirty and worn factory carpets will not be much help when trying to sell the vehicle.

Scratches and dings in the pick-up truck’s bed will make the buyer turn away. Scratches and damaged headlights from daily driving could decrease light output. Weathertech has great headlight protection film to ensure optimum light output. Vehicle protection is also great for leased vehicles. Turn the vehicle back in to the dealer as if it were just bought. For some relatively inexpensive products, Weathertech floor mats really do what they are made for. This is what has taken them to the top of their industry. Offering great products with great warranties couldn’t get much better.

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