Want Affordable Floor Mats? Husky Might Be Your Best Bet

Drivers like Husky because their floor mats last. But the low prices are also a reason

No one wants to pay “an arm and a leg” for those little upgrades. You know the ones we’re talking about. Maybe it’s a teeny, tiny replacement, say a gas cap. It could be a new tire cover for your Jeep. Sometimes, it’s an everyday thing, like floor mats. There are plenty of ways you can fall victim to price gouging. Only it’s not just one or two manufacturers doing it. No – it’s a whole bunch of ’em. Or so it seems. And quite often, aftermarket liners are the product customers are being bilked out of.

There is no need to worry too much, though. Why? Husky floor liners are nice and affordable. Rubber floor mats from Husky protect your car’s carpet so it remains free of dirt and other debris. But they are also not priced out of sight.  With the lifetime warranty that comes with Husky products, your money will go a very long way and plus, they can be used in other areas after you get rid of the vehicle. Their fairly-priced floor mats are built from superior materials that tackle all types of debris, especially harmful contaminants like oil and gas.

Their liners make it easy on your wallet and still offer better protection than other aftermarket mats since they are custom-fit for each vehicle. Husky Liners will never crack or break from weather conditions or being abused. You can beat them up time and time again, but they will still protect your carpets from damage. Go ahead. Test it out for yourself. Spill a little bit of 5W-30 or antifreeze on a Husky cargo mat and see how it reacts. You could spend double on another set of mats and come away pretty horrified as to how quickly they can be ruined. So yeah it is a no brainer when we’re talking about getting in on some lifetime protection that will keep your carpets clean. There is nothing worse than torn and damaged automotive carpets. Don’t believe us? Check out the resale value of a vehicle with a torn interior carpet and let us know what you find.

There might be other aftermarket floor mats out there, but they do not offer the protection or warranty that comes with Husky Liners. They are also one of the only car liners that have raised side walls to completely protect the carpets. Husky does not sacrifice quality for pricing, but rather combine both low prices with extreme quality to make their offerings the number one option for vehicle owners.

Unlike OEM slabs, Husky Liners are designed from rubberized materials that do not wear out from your feet or constant dirt. They can be cleaned over and over again so you can keep them looking nice. If you want to protect your interior for the lifetime of the vehicle and stretch your money a long way in the process, these  car floor liners are the way to go about it.

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