Vortech Is About More Than Just Forced Induction

Forced induction is just one of the many ways to add horsepower to your vehicle’s engine. A supercharger can be a great addition to any vehicle that needs a boost in power. Vortech superchargers has been providing the automotive industry with quality forced induction systems. Their products can be found for nearly any vehicle including import, domestic and classic street rods.

Supercharges work by essentially forcing more air into the engine which in return creates more horsepower. A Vortech supercharger can make the ride much more fun. The force induction system takes an average powered engine and adds great amounts of horsepower. The engine does not need to be modified either. All of Vortech’s supercharger kits are made for direct bolt on to your specific engine. This is especially appealing to someone who doesn’t know too much about automotive engines. Spirited driving on the street can then be enjoyed and going up those big hills will be much easier. The Vortech supercharger is also great for those owners locate in higher altitude cities. When driving in higher altitude locations, there is less air to force into the intake manifold. This leads to loss in power for the vehicle’s engine. The Vortech supercharger will overcome this loss of power by forcing much more air into the engine. The engine then does not need to work as hard trying to pull air in. Installation of Vortech’s supercharger kits have been made easy as well. When buying their automotive supercharger kits, everything needed for the install is included. Maintenance is made easy as well. When changing the automotive engines’s oil, the supercharger’s oil is changed as well since it runs using the engine’s oil. The only component that may need specific maintenance is the belt and seals.

Nearly any vehicle seen on the road today is a candidate for a Vortech supercharger. Each different forced induction component has been tested on each vehicle for optimal performance and durability. Vortech superchargers are one of the safest ways of adding horsepower. Most of the products are 50 states legal. Safety is always kept in mind when adding performance parts to an automotive engine. Vortech’s supercharger kits are used all over the world and the company has a great reputation. Other than performance, Vortech’s supercharger kits look great under the hood. Their add-on systems look like they came on the car from the factory. The polished pipes and components are an instant eye catcher.

Factory supercharged vehicles come with a different type of supercharger. Automotive manufacturers almost always use the root supercharger. Vortech superchargers are all centrifugal superchargers. The roots type supercharger is typically noisy, heavy and less efficient than the centrifugal supercharger. The cost of the roots supercharger is also why some automotive manufacturers use it. The price is significantly less than a Vortech supercharger kit. These forced induction systems also make a distinctive whining sound much different from a turbocharger. This sound alone is worth the upgrade. For automotive manufacturers, the roots supercharger is just a convenient and inexpensive way of adding more horsepower to the engine. This also makes it more appealing to consumers. The centrifugal supercharger makes much more power and is placed in the best location possible. Most roots type superchargers are placed on top of the engine. The roots supercharger is also found on street rods usually seen sticking out of the hood. What would make the engine create even more horsepower would be an intercooler. The supercharger’s intercooler will quickly cool any warm air which would create more power from the vehicle’s engine. Vortech superchargers offer a variety of cooling components.

Standard kits, tuner kits and base kits are available from Vortech superchargers. The standard kit includes everything needed for the bolt-on installation. The user will not have to go out to the local hardware store to pick up anything. The tuner kit is a little less complete. This kit from Vortech superchargers is for users who do not need fuel management components. The tuner kit is typically used for shops doing the install. The base kit is for those who already have one of Vortech superchargers forced induction kit. The base kit includes various installation components like brackets and connectors. Fuel management kits are also available in the base kit. Vortech superchargers also offer quality support and technical information. They offer supercharger rebuild and upgrade services. All of their services are done by highly trained professionals who know what they are doing. Any one of Vortech’s superchargers that is not service by their main facility will void the systems warranty. If the owner is looking for a bigger supercharger unit, or just wants bearings and seals checked, the Vortech technicians will handle anything.

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