V2 Downpipes and Why They Matter for Custom Freaks

Cutting down on restriction is the objective of an Invidia V2 downpipe. Sport compact cars need an even level of exhaust flow to run at optimum performance. When a car is experiencing airflow disruption, it can lead to lagging throttle response, which obscures whatever horsepower the stock system is capable of. With an Invidia V2 downpipe, the catback exhaust functions with more performance that was simmering beneath the surface. It will also add an extra breath to your exhaust for a hungrier, custom sound.

The basic premise of an Invidia V2 downpipe is that it is designed for racing-inspired drivers to further manipulate their exhaust. A stock or aftermarket catback exhaust on its own provides a deep tone and a pickup in performance, but neither unlocks serious gains. When an Invidia V2 downpipe is included, horsepower increases much more along with torque. It is a serious addition for any car owner who likes to race.

Multiple features highlight the construction of a V2 catless downpipe. Invidia uses stainless steel for its entire structure, including the flanges. The pipe is set at 3″ in diameter for a wider pathway for exhaust flow. This is also aided by the large bell mouth that frees wastegate gaskets. Two O2 sensor bungs are also located on the surface of the pipe to prevent a CEL. Invidia down pipes install to any stock unit or performance exhaust.

You can expect a breathier tone emanating from the exhaust after installing a cat removal pipe. If keeping with the stock system, it can give a raspier edge with a volume increase. When installed as a turbo-back system, an Invidia down pipe contributes a lower-end rumble that does not drone. When it comes to car exhaust parts, this is a very popular effect.

There is a reason this Invidia down pipe is intended for racing models. The OEM catalytic converter is responsible for filtering out exhaust gases, but it is also known to betray a restrictive element inside the system. A V2 catless downpipe replaces the catalytic converter. Since that is an emissions-control device, the car becomes considered an off-road only vehicle in most places. But on closed courses, racetracks, and in sparse residential areas, drivers can still use a V2 catless downpipe as long as local regulations approve.

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