Use Your Overpipe for Quick Gains, Stronger Performance

The size of a performance steel overpipe suggests that it is a small piece in a (relatively) large piece of machinery. But when it comes to racing exhaust parts, savvy drivers know that this small piece makes a big difference. A performance steel overpipe with 60mm diameter tubing aids your car exhaust system by demonstrating a wider amount of space for exhaust gases to escape. When exhaust airflow becomes improved, your car’s overall performance improves, as well.

What a performance steel overpipe is tasked with is ushering out restrictive exhaust. A lot of racers know that the key to bigger gains is liberating exhaust gases more efficiently. A performance steel overpipe opens up a wider route for airflow to move through, giving your engine a little extra breath that allows it to kick over additional HP and torque. The difference it makes is noticeable right away. Soon after you install an Invidia overpipe, you will feel an uptick in throttle action and some added punch. Along with the performance increase, the exhaust note becomes significantly more defined. As the engine starts revving, the sound you will hear has a hint of rasp to it but with a deepened backing.

Another attribute that makes an Invidia over pipe an attractive upgrade is that when mated with aftermarket car parts such as a catback exhaust, horsepower climbs up even more. While by itself an Invidia over pipe delivers an exhaust improvement that leads to several extra horses, when combined with a full performance exhaust the boost your car receives could be as much as 10 HP.

An Invidia over pipe is a one-piece unit made entirely of stainless steel with CNC-machined 1/2″ thick flanges. There is also no tapering because Invidia uses a mandrel-bender to ensure that the bends portray a consistent 3″ diameter throughout the pipe’s length. This is important, because with a steel exhaust overpipe, it is critical that the tubing maintains the same diameter. If it doesn’t, there will still be a level of restriction coming from that area of the exhaust.

For installation, a turbo exhaust overpipe mates your factory header to the front pipe. Upon ordering, you receive 2 nuts, 2 bolts, and a gasket. It is also not a universal part. Not every sport compact on the market is currently eligible, as the turbo exhaust overpipe from Invidia is manufactured only for the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, and Toyota GT86.

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