Upgraded Short Ram Intakes Boost Impreza Models

The volume of air a Perrin short ram intake ushers in helps performance hit a new level. Most Impreza owners are interested in increasing the quantity and quality of air that goes into the engine bay. Not only does it allow for more engine boost, but it supports other mods, as well. A Perrin short ram intake helps introduce more air into the system while also filtering out dirty, dusty particles. A big reason why this is an effective upgrade is due to its configuration. Featuring a short, wide hose and an open cell foam filter, a Perrin short ram intake is able to process airflow quickly and efficiently.

The main benefits you will see are a jump in horsepower along with a healthier, more custom sounding tone. A WRX short ram has been tested to demonstrate at around 10 extra WHP (wheel horsepower) in most models. In a car with a turbocharger, this can make a big difference. When working in conjunction with a custom exhaust setup, a WRX short ram (and a proper tune) is often part of a competitive racing package.

Its other popular trait is the sound. A WRX short ram lets you hear the turbo spooling at medium gains. This makes the volume coming from the engine compartment much more pronounced than it was previously. It is a deeper tone than a generic custom car intake provides thanks to the direct route of the airflow. It is still not loud enough to get you in trouble. The decibel level a WRX short ram initiates is well below the legal max.

You will not have to contend with CELs and fitment issues. Impreza short ram kits are engineered to meet your car’s MAF settings exactly. They even include a CNC crafted MAF sensor bung. When professionally tuned to your ECU, Impreza short ram kits betray zero boost lag or fuel distribution concerns.

Installation is meant to be simple. There are no additional alterations necessary. Impreza short ram kits lock in using T-bolt clamps that are lined so as to not harm the silicone. Instructions are included. You can choose between two finishes. Perrin WRX short ram intakes are available in either red or black wrinkled powdercoat.

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