Upgrade Your Spark Plug Wires for a Nice Boost

Magnecor wires are some of the best ignition wires on the market. They are designed to improve your vehicle’s ignition system and are perfect for high performance and race vehicles. Spark plug wires are electrical conductors that move an electrical charge, in this case to your spark plugs. Just like any other auto part, spark plug wires can break down and actually interfere with nearby electrical parts in your engine bay. Magnecor wires use the latest technology for the most advanced vehicles to deliver a quality spark.

Automobiles are becoming more and more advanced and so are the ignition systems. Spark plug wires need to handle higher voltages and higher temperatures under the hood. Selecting the proper set of ignition wires will optimize your engines performance or it can also degrade the engine’s output if they are not up to par. Magnecor wires do not actually add any horsepower, unlike some other companies claim, but they are designed to give the plus the best spark possible. A weak charge that is sent to the spark plugs does not allow for proper engine combustion and will degrade overall performance.

They offers their spark plug wires in a few different styles for different applications including race wires, high performance wires and special application wires. Any vehicle can benefit from Magnecor wires since they can handle the current much better than your current spark plug wires. You should upgrade to Magnecor wires if you feel your engine is lacking spark from corroded and insufficient ignition wires.

Magnecor conventional style ignition cables are available for nearly every vehicle and are superior to other aftermarket wire sets and can be used on older engines or newer engines. They come equipped with Magnecor’s exclusive EMI suppression which avoids signals to be sent to various engine management systems. When EMI transmits to other electrical parts, it can mess with sensors and make your engine run irregularly. They are a direct replacement available in both 7mm and 8mm.

Magnecor race wires do the best job at preventing bad engine performance and enhance it in every way possible. The latest race engines or modified street engines that use aftermarket engine management that are electronically controlled will benefit the most from these Magnecor wires. Their spark plug wires designed for racing can also benefit the average modified vehicle by improving the entire ignition system.

OEM replacement wires from your dealership can cost lots of money and provide no improvement. Magnecor wires are very affordable for what they provide and how well they improve overall performance of your car’s engine. Quality, durability and efficiency are the main characteristics of Magnecor wires. The maximum horsepower potential of your engine is most likely being held back by inferior or corroded spark plug wires. Magnecor wires are designed solely to maximize output and not actually increase power because there is no chance of that.

Ignition spark plug wires can also corrode from high temperatures associated in the engine bay. The jacket on the outside of the wires is designed to resist high heat so they can perform at their best. Magnecor wires have an insulated jacket that keeps out the heat to deliver the best spark available. The life of your Magnecor wires will actually outlast the life of your engine as long as they are installed properly. When they become dirty, which all wires do, they can be cleaned with some alcohol and returned back to their original state. If they are not cleaned, the carbon build up can become conductive.

Their ignition cables are also very flexible which is highly uncommon in the aftermarket industry, as well as OEM spark plug wires. The quality of materials they use as their insulation is what makes them so flexible. Other companies use inferior materials and the wires are very stiff, making them difficult to install and set into place.

Skip the OEM ignition wires and jump right to Magnecor wires to provide engine efficiency and long life. With so many options, you are bound to find what you need whether they are used for extreme racing or just as an OEM replacement, their ignition wires will not disappoint.

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