Upgrade to Perrin WRX Endlinks for stiffer sway bar reliability

Stronger, tougher Perrin end links are used to reinforce your sway bar. The OEM endpoints are comprised of a plastic compound and after a while, start to demonstrate flex. Since the goal of a sway bar is to provide a greater amount of stiffness, the pliability of the plastic becomes a hindrance. Perrin end links are designed to demonstrate an improvement in firmness that reinforces what your bar is meant for. You will notice better cornering around turns and increased stability overall. There is no more flex to contend with whether you are using a factory or aftermarket bar. Perrin end links are an important addition to any racing vehicle’s suspension.

The key is in the construction. Rather than being made of plastic, WRX sway bar endlinks are instead manufactured from T6 aluminum. This is a material that is recognized for its ability to maintain structural integrity despite the level of stress. When the WRX sway bar endlinks are connected, it is critical that they do not present any bend. Plastic polymer flexes on stiffer bars when there is hard turning or turbulence. Once bolted in, the WRX sway bar endlinks stay rigid, even at high speeds. They are also intended to have a slim profile when faced with clearance issues. You will not need to further modify the part. The WRX sway bar endlinks fit precisely without presenting too tight of an area for installation.

There are two different options to choose from: Spherical and urethane. This refers to the bearings or bumpers of the aftermarket endlinks. The spherical bearings are not flexible, unlike rubber. That is because they are coated with Teflon to demonstrate strength at corners without sacrificing smoothness. The special lock retainers are there to ensure the bar always stays connected to the chassis. If you go with urethane bumpers on your aftermarket endlinks, it is to offer an easier fitment. However, you cannot have both. If you choose urethane aftermarket endlinks they will come without spherical bearings.

Each order also includes steel spacers for a firm, accurate installation. You will use the spacers to lock on the Perrin WRX links to the chassis. It should not take long to install. After you remove the OEM sway bar links, you will simply connect your new ones in their place.

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