Updated Street Flex Dampers Bring Performance Suspensions Up a Notch

TEIN Street Flex dampers are an updated version of the popular Type Flex coilover that has many new technologies and improvements. These automotive dampers are perfect for both street driving and for track or circuit use. They offer an excellent balance of performance and comfort which allows them to work well on nearly any vehicle on the road.

The TEIN Street Flex dampers use many of the new technologies developed by TEIN’s engineers. They use the Advance Needle Design which offers a 200% increase in damping range. That improves the 16 points of damping adjustability and allows for more customization. These automotive dampers also feature a shortened shell case design which allows for optimal damping even when the vehicle is lowered on the incorporated height adjustment system. This allows for better handling while having an aggressive stance. The TEIN Street Flex dampers also feature the pillowball upper mounts for better steering feel and have a twin tube design which helps improve comfort and handling for street use.

TEIN products are all made with high quality parts and they are made in Japan, but the Street Flex dampers improve upon this durability even more. TEIN uses stronger internal components in their Street Flex dampers and they use a new powder coating for better corrosion protection. For example, TEIN uses a newly developed ZT Coated Shellcase to prevent rust. Like all TEIN products, the Street Flex dampers are backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s defect warranty.

The TEIN Street Flex dampers are a mid-range product which makes them quite affordable. They offer a great value considering the price and the performance increase. TEIN also offers many other suspension products at many different price points that can fit any budget.

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