Unlock True WRX Performance with a Downpipe That Does The Heavy Lifting

Unlocking potential is what WRX downpipe performance is meant for. GrimmSpeed is recognized as an authority when it comes to getting the most out of your automotive exhaust system. They have spent years conducting research on how WRX downpipe performance improves your car’s capability. All of their products are CAD (computer-aided designed) rendered to account for both size and mating to other parts. Moreover, they know how to design for improved exhaust liberation, which is the goal of every driver who desires extra horsepower. Your WRX downpipe performance can be linked to GrimmSpeed’s expertise in the field.

Setting up your Subaru turbo exhaust is a priority. Whether prepping for the track or for thrills, results are important. A GrimmSpeed WRX downpipe is often the first step. Stock parts hold back exhaust flow due to narrow diameter tubing and shape. With a GrimmSpeed WRX downpipe, overall airflow is given adequate room to move thanks to 3” diameter piping. Once exhaust is freed up, the engine becomes emboldened. A GrimmSpeed WRX downpipe offers an increase in horsepower that is evident immediately. Just try to keep it on the track or for off-road driving. Installing a GrimmSpeed WRX downpipe removes the stock catalytic converters, which is against most state emissions guidelines.

Employing the use of steel exhaust parts is a way to guarantee endurance. Grimmspeed uses T-304 stainless steel to manufacture their aftermarket downpipes. After the part is given its shape and diameter, it is then mandrel-bent. This is how the bends of each pipe are made to present an accurate angle and fit correctly in your Subaru turbo exhaust. It is then TIG-welded to promote extra durability throughout, including the thick 1/2” flanges.

There are two main types of turbo downpipes to choose from: Catless and catted. The catted version comes with a 300 cell catalyst that will enact a level of filtration for the noxious exhaust gases that pass through. You will need to tune regardless of what pipe style you select. As noted above, this part replaces the OEM cat. This may result in a check engine light, which can be remedied by tuning or via mechanical fix. Failure to tune your new Subaru turbo exhaust can also lead to poor performance, boost spiking, or motor problems.

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