Universal Cargo Mats Provide a Dependable Cover

The cargo or trunk area of any vehicle encounters lots of tools and other equipment. Some people even like to use it as a storage area. The Weathertech universal cargo mat is designed to cover the entire cargo area with some minor trimming required. Their cargo liner comes equipped with trim lines to make it easier on the owner. Once the universal cargo mat is trimmed to fit, it will cover the entire floor preventing damage to the carpet.

The universal cargo mat is perfect for hauling your pets to the park of the groomer. The non-stick surface makes cleaning up the dog hair very easy. Your pets might even fall asleep in transport from the soft materials that the cargo mat is made from. The soft Weathertech liner material also will not curl. It is thinner than the Weathertech cargo liner, but still provides the same protection.

The Weathertech cargo mat is also more affordable than their custom-fit cargo liner. However, vehicle owners will still experience superior protection, but just at a lower cost. The Weathertech cargo mat has a textured finish with tall outer ridges to protect debris from falling over the edge. Your cargo will also remain intact and not shift or slide while driving. You can throw the dog crate in the back and not worry about it hitting the back glass.

The Weathertech AVM mats are available in three colors including black, tan and grey that will match any automotive interior.

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