Universal Caliper Covers – More Options for More Models

Universal caliper covers are a popular option for many drivers

Motorists may choose universal caliper guards for several reasons. One of the most common is because they own a model that MGP does not currently have available with the name engraved in. Another factor could be that a driver wishes to use a universal set as a blank template to decorate on their own. Provided you have the correct paint and skill to do so, this can elicit a cool personalized look. If not, MGP takes custom orders and can professionally engrave or paint your caliper covers with the design of your choosing.

Using your own design has become very popular. Many different types of drivers want custom caliper covers because it gives them the ability to say something about their vehicle in a more pronounced way. Sometimes, people have nicknames for their cars. Having that name engraved into a set of covers is a fun and unique way to display your model loyalty. However, there can be competitive circumstances involved, as well. Racecar drivers may order a pair of MGP covers that has their car number on them. There are many options to choose for all car or truck owners.

Perhaps the biggest trait MGP caliper covers are known for is their color. There are several colors that MGP includes as stock, depending on the model. The Standard series includes red, black, and satin, which is a blend of grey and silver. The Stealth Black series gives drivers the option to choose covers in a dark matte finish. However, if you would like a different color on the spectrum that MGP does not advertise you can still have it. They will paint your brake caliper covers the color of your choice if you provide the automotive color code.

Your wheel size is important. There are three primary wheel sizes custom caliper covers are available for: 16″, 17″, and 18″. The sizes can vary, but these three are the most common. Before you place an order, it is required that you know the size of your wheel. There are some vehicles that have different wheel sizes for the same model year. Be sure to check so that your new covers provide a precise fitment.

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