Unity Truck Suspensions

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Looking for a truck suspension kit that matches both OEM requirements and your driving habits is easy with Unity Automotive. Several options are available depending on what your needs are. You can find truck suspensions for both mid and full-size haulers in a variety of assemblies. The durability of the part(s) is as important as the fitment. All Unity parts are made of strong automotive materials to handle extreme temperatures and prevent fatigue. If you reside in an area with uneven terrain or use your vehicle for off-roading purposes, the shocks can take a beating. The right kit can renew performance while improving safety.

This is not an upgrade you should wait on. The need for new suspension parts can reveal itself in several ways. If you notice more turbulence riding over potholes, fluid leaking, or very loose turning, it is likely time for replacement. Waiting too long to replace worn out parts can lead to damage in other areas such as the axles and wheels, and can contribute to decreased fuel efficiency. It is safer to swap out old components soon after diagnosing them as a problem. The key is finding truck suspensions that fit both your vehicle’s specs as well as your driving habits.

There are three main choices at your disposal. Unity features parts in both complete setups and individual kits. For drivers who want to keep their OEM spring configuration, they can choose the basic shocks. If a quick installation is the goal, full strut assemblies are available. This is the part complete with springs, boots, isolators, and pistons. Unity assemblies are manufactured for most major automakers such as Acura, Chevy, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and BMW.

Some pickup truck suspension systems use air compressors rather than steel springs. Repairing or replacing these can be quite expensive. There are Unity assemblies made specifically for switching them out in favor of steel. The Air Ditcher system converts air suspensions to traditional springs at a much lower price. They are also a much easier installation compared to air pickup truck shocks. Check your make and model year to inquire further regarding availability.

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