Unity Brake Drums Offer Cast Iron Reliability

Engaging effective stopping power is the goal of Unity brake drums. Manufactured as a direct replacement for your factory drums, your car’s OEM specifications are accounted for with a sturdy, long-lasting answer. The intent is to exceed your original brakes with heavier material and a more efficient design. All of Unity’s components are tested to ensure performance and fitment. They are also a more convenient solution than seeking out a dealer who forces you to wait for your parts and pay an unreasonable price. Going this route means a faster turnaround along with a better value.

Once there is fatigue in your OEM brakes it is time to change them. A key symptom of this is when the system is having difficulty absorbing and storing heat. Unity drums are engineered to provide the necessary weight it takes to store energy over a long period of time. With greater energy, the entire system including the shoes and bearings can function easier. Part of this is due to how Unity parts are constructed. Made of G300 cast iron, they have the density to manage braking heat throughout all driving conditions. Plus, they are resistant to fading.

Installing any aftermarket brake drums in place of your originals means you must have an exact fit. Unity products are guaranteed to bolt on seamlessly without the need for further adjustment to any surrounding components.

You do not have to wait until you notice slipping and sliding to purchase. Fatigue in the area can be evident in other ways. If the shoes are starting to weather, the rivets can cause grooves that damage the area. If you have to replace the shoes, you will also need new drums. Some drivers will attempt to have their drums machined prior to changing them. It is not recommended to do this if the shoes are in bad shape. Instead, it is safer to upgrade brake drums to prevent uneven wear.

Knowing your size and model year is paramount. You must fit a car’s exact measurements. Prior to ordering consult your vehicle manual. It will tell you the size you need for your new drums and any pertinent installation info. Unity brake parts are available for most vehicles.

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