Twin Shocks Smooth Things Out Nicely

Thanks to an updated design, Excel-G twin shocks are intended to improve upon the stock suspension. In addition to stronger materials, KYB also uses innovative technology to step their game up. Excel-G twin shocks are sensitive to velocity deviation, which means they adjust according to load ratio. This is aided by the valve design, which is at home inside of the cylinder. When road conditions change, your suspension has to adapt. What Excel-G twin shocks do is allow the piston valves to maintain pressure to support the change in surface or incline. The result is less bumps and bruises and more smooth sailing.

Inside of the working cylinder, the pistons are tasked with shifting vertically. With twin tube shocks, the cylinder that is on the outside holds hydraulic fluid. That fluid is released through the valves at the base and within the piston. When mechanics refer to damping force, this is where that process begins. The twin tube shocks use the valve system along with nitrogen gas set at a low pressure to offer more damping coming from the pistons. Drivers notice this most often on roads with a lot of bumps or hitches in the surface. Whereas a vehicle might gyrate as it careens over the street it will instead stay straight. Twin tube shocks are largely responsible for this smoothness.

Longevity is always a highlight for suspension systems, especially given the amount of responsibility they have. What makes KYB twin tube gas shocks advantageous is that they can withstand a lot of abuse. If there is a dent or minor damage on the outer housing, they will still be able to function. That is because the KYB twin tube gas shocks still have use of the inner cylinder. While replacement of a damaged shock is important, this attribute is not ignored by most car owners. Since they can stand up to long commutes and more mileage, KYB twin tube gas shocks are popular with car owners used to covering long distances.

Another aspect to their longevity is protection against foaming. Lesser-made dual tube shocks can foam due to valve leakage, which leads to subpar performance. KYB reinforces their valve configuration to ward off foaming at the cylinder. If spared from outer physical damage, excel-g shock absorbers will outlast original equipment parts by a wide margin.

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