Turbo Management Made Easy with GFB

A lot of drivers hear the term “GFB turbo solutions” and they are not quite sure what it means. People ask what the word “solutions” is in regards to. Is it one specific area of the vehicle? To Go Fast Bits, it is their way of upgrading your total boost management. And to do this, there is more than one GFB turbo solution. It can come from an aftermarket blow off valve, boost controller, or a wastegate actuator. One or way or the other, it is topic of expertise for the Australian-based outfit. If you own a turbocharged car it is a good idea to see what GFB turbo solutions would work best for your car’s setup.

The principle objective to Go Fast Bits is to help you get the most out of turbo boost without putting the engine in danger. Not to oversimplify it, but that pretty much sums it up. Go Fast Bits TMS products are led by the array of aftermarket blow off valves. This device is designed to release pressure from the turbo that comes from the throttle closing while boosting. An aftermarket blow off valve is very advantageous in ushering boost pressure out of the turbo. Not only does it help keep boost balanced, but it also takes care of the “fluttering” many drivers are familiar with. The right aftermarket blow off valve is as much for engine maintenance as it is safety.

There is more to the GFB’s system than valves. A big part of what they do involves lightweight pulley kits. This is a turbo management solution that is very popular. Here is how it works: OEM pulleys are heavy and quite substantial in size. Replacing them with lighter aluminum and a more compact shape brings about a distinct change in acceleration. That is where the turbo management solution is found. Due to the reduction in rotational mass, more power is available to be used to accommodate gear shifts, specifically in typical deceleration points. Going from 3rd to 1st can occur without a pause in your car’s revs. When it comes to GFB turbo management solutions, this is one many rely on.

It depends on what you need your car for. Go Fast Bits accessories cater to a wide range of needs. Before choosing what you would like to add to your ride, first learn about what parts your turbo is best complimented by. Once you have got that down, picking out your GFB turbo parts becomes a lot easier.

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