Turbo Life Is Easier Thanks to 3 Bolt Up Pipes

With a new 3 bolt uppipe, it is easy to unlock that hidden performance boost your car needs. GrimmSpeed develops all of their parts to maximize Subaru exhaust potential in relation to the turbo. The 3 bolt uppipe connects easily to your Tomei header, taking away the need to seek private fabrication. One of the key features drivers want to preserve is the external wastegate due to its divertive responsibility. This 3 bolt uppipe has an EWG and piping with a wide diameter to help usher out exhaust at a much quicker rate.

Moving exhaust gases out rapidly provides two primary benefits. First, with the wastegate of the Grimmspeed 3 bolt uppipe able to detour the gases before they hit the turbo, the turbo spools faster. This not only helps performance, but it saves strain on the turbo. Of course, the key advantage a Grimmspeed 3 bolt uppipe is responsible for is exhaust flow in general. With quicker spooling and exhaust having an easier time exiting, you will see a sustained boost that was not there previously. And since the Grimmspeed 3 bolt uppipe negates the factory internal wastegate, the turbo is spared from added commotion, allowing it to live longer.

Multiple features in both material and design highlight this part. Grimmspeed 3 bolt uppipes showcase 14 gauge, .083” stainless steel tubing, which is substantially thicker than most aftermarket options. The tubing is intended to withstand a consistently tumultuous environment. Its flanges are 1/2” thick and specially cut to provide a more flush fit that improves airflow. 3 bolt inlet pipes also have an interlocking liner. Made of 321-grade stainless steel, the liner is designed for both contraction and heat expansion. This makes a 3 bolt inlet pipe especially useful for competitive racing models.

Performance results may vary. A 3 bolt inlet pipe can be expected to produce approximately 15-20 extra horsepower. For cars outfitted with other turbo exhaust parts, that number can be raised significantly. Most drivers who use a Grimmspeed Subaru up pipe do so for sanctioned or off-road racing competition. In certain jurisdictions, it may not be allowed for street usage. Subaru performance exhaust pipes are available for WRX, STI, LGT, and XT models.

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