Turbo Friendly Perrin Performance Overpipe Steals the Show

Undoing unnecessary restriction is what a Perrin performance overpipe is meant for. When your car was initially assembled the exhaust system was not intended for performance driving. Your headers need to clear a path of uninhibited airflow to function optimally. With a Perrin performance overpipe you have the ability to clear out exhaust in a more efficient manner. Plus, this is not an upgrade relegated to just the hardcore crowd. Drivers who enjoy modding their cars without the intent to race can benefit from a Perrin performance overpipe, as well. That is what makes it one of the more popular Subaru BRZ exhaust accessories on the market today.

Whether connected to a stock or race exhaust header, an aftermarket overpipe offers an increase in performance. The reason is simple. When airflow is not given free room to be distributed, it chokes. The flow becomes constrained and cannot exit appropriately. An aftermarket overpipe takes the restricted exhaust from the header and ushers it out through a wider 2.5” diameter tube. In turn, performance picks up as air velocity is increased. The engine boost is bolstered by the aftermarket overpipe, offering a slight jump in horsepower.

Toughness matters, also. Perrin makes their aftermarket overpipes from genuine 304 stainless steel to withstand the tumultuous environment coming from the exhaust. After the pipe is forged, it is then bent on a CNC mandrel to get the tubing angle precise. The steel exhaust over pipes also boast TIG welded 1/2” thick flanges for a leak-free seal. Thick flanges mean more security to prevent cracks or fractures. With your order, you will receive 2 OEM gaskets for an even tighter fit.

You can use the Perrin steel exhaust over pipe with your OEM gear. By itself, this part can add an extra few horsepower. However, it is better served as a supplemental piece to a full system. For instance, mating a steel exhaust overpipe with a Perrin front pipe can initiate more of a response.

Everything you need is included. Perrin overpipes come complete with all necessary hardware and installation instructions. If inexperienced with this type of install, consulting a shop is recommended.

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