Trusty Off-Road Lights from Pilot Make Mudding It Up at Night Safer

Let’s set the scene. It’s dark out. You’re pushing your beast through the trails, rocks kicking up in every direction. You can barely see because during times like this, your headlamps just aren’t enough. Dicey situations such as this one can take the fun out of off-roading. With Pilot Automotive Roof Lights, your off-road adventures don’t have to end when the sun goes down. Pilot Navigator Off-Road Lights provide the sweeping, concise brand of illumination that is necessary to take over the trail at night. Mounted to the roof, grille guard or brush bar, your truck or SUV will be able to light the road ahead with ease, keeping you safe and in the rocks – right where you’re supposed to be.

There are several Pilot Navigator Off Road Light Kits to choose from depending on the size of your vehicle and its specific needs. You can go with a 7 inch diameter (two lights) off-road light kit that features a black metal housing and stone guard, a clear lens (white beam), a relay harness with a push-button switch, and most importantly, 55 watts of halogen power. If you’d rather get on board with a shinier appearance, Pilot Navigator Off-Road Lights with a chrome housing and stone guard are the ones for you. The chrome off-road light kits are smaller in diameter compared to the black housing option, but still produce 55 watts. Both off-road light kits are not designed as automotive roof lights, as they are manufactured instead to install to your brush guard or light bar. Using them as roof lights is only optional if you sport a rack or bar of any kind on your roof and can complete a safe install.

Looking to go a little smaller? Pilot Automotive Off-Road Lights are available with a 5 1/2 diameter lens (sold in pairs). Similar to the Navigator off-road light kits, these lamps include a lens guard, wiring harness kit, mounting brackets (with screws), a switch, and user-friendly installation instructions. These too, are best suited for installation to brush guards or light bars, as they are not intended as roof lights.

If you crave a sharper, more dominant brand of brightness, the Pilot HID Off-Road Roof Lights do the job right. Coming in at 8 inches in diameter, HID Off Road Light Kits deliver a more powerful level of luminance than halogen lamps off of a 35 watt bulb. The HID bulb showcases a built-in ballast nestled into a brute-tough ABS plastic housing that will stand up to all of the elements that get in your way. No matter what kind of darkness, fog, or mist you encounter, HID off-road lights cut through it with a clean, powerful beam.

At UltrRev, we’re picky. We only carry the best quality car and truck accessories because we know that’s what matters most. That’s why when it comes to off-road lights, we stick with Pilot Automotive. Pilot Off-Road Lights and Roof Lights lead the way for drivers who enjoy stomping their rides around on darkened hills and trails.

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