Tough Yet Attractive Delta III Sidesteps Work for Many Trucks

Mixing old school looks with contemporary function, Delta III running boards are a popular addition to full-size trucks. This is one of those customizations that every driver has a different reason for making. The most common is reachability. If you keep items stored in your truck bed or on the roof rack, it can be difficult at times to access them. Delta III running boards perimeter the sides of your truck, allowing you the freedom to grab what you need in a much safer manner.

Of course, simply getting into and out of your vehicle is made easier, also. It does not make a difference if you are tall or short, Delta III running boards provide a quicker step up into the cab that is easier on your knees. When you are constantly in motion throughout the day, going to jobsites or making deliveries, all that hopping in and out can add up. Installing a pair of Delta III sidesteps saves your legs from being pounded into the ground. But in order to do so, the workmanship has to be on point.

Delta III sidesteps are crafted from heavy duty extruded aluminum for extra support. They are specifically designed not only to be able to handle your weight, but also to enact a stable surface for you to stand on. You can tell just by looking at them. The inside edges of each Delta III sidestep have grips that run throughout the entire length of the board. So no matter where you are on the surface your feet have grips underneath them.

Another underrated responsibility Delta III sidesteps are tasked with is protection. Rocker panels are an especially vulnerable area of any truck. It is a section that sees a lot of action due to rocks, debris, and dirt. Lund truck running boards offer up an additional line of security. Once in place, there is less to worry about. Even if you enjoy off-roading, Lund truck running boards will repel the little dents and dings to the panels that can cause headaches and cost money.

You also get a custom appearance. Lund truck running boards deliver an individual touch that sets your truck apart. There are two finishing options available – polished and black powdercoat. The finish not only looks great, but it is also resistant to rust and corrosion. Installation and hardware is included.

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