Tough, Dependable Formula 100 Brake Pads Provide Comfort

When it is time to do your brakes, going with Formula 100 pads matches your OEM perfectly. Centric uses a multi-step process in order to offer the same fit and function that your vehicle needs. Their entire lineup of formula 100 pads is based on each car’s specifications with one exception: They are designed to be more durable and easier to break in. It does not even matter what type of driving style you are accustomed to. Formula 100 pads provide reliable stopping power on all road conditions. It also does not matter what type of vehicle you own. You can find OE replacement brake pads for most cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The first order of business is composition. Since they are made to replace factory parts, Centric 100 brake pads are manufactured in a similar fashion. There is a distinctive molding procedure that most OEMs use that determines friction consistency. Centric 100 brake pads are made the same way. To better replicate stock specs, Centric employs materials that are used by your automaker. That means there is no accelerated wear to worry about. Centric 100 brake pads demonstrate a higher amount of friction without being too cumbersome. The result is a direct fitting part that performs just as effectively.

Another aspect to the manufacturing process is scorching. What this does is give Centric OEM brake padsquicker usability. The pad is heated to an extremely high temp in order to wear it in before it is boxed and shipped. Scorching also eliminates any chemical residue or particles inside the surface of the Centric OEM brake pads. Basically, the goal of scorching is conditioning. There is less waiting around. As soon as you install Centric OEM brake pads they will work as if they have been on your vehicle for a couple of thousand miles.

Because a proper fit is the highest priority, it is important that the backing plates do not present a problem. This is how aftermarket brake pads rest inside of the calipers. If there are any deviations the fitment might be inconsistent. Centric 100 brake pads have plates that are either bare or machined according to the interior of the OEM calipers. Along with the included hardware, this helps accomplish both a precision fit and simple installation.

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