This Hood Shield Has All the Right Looks

It is not just bugs that the Interceptor hood shield protects against. Your hood is also guarded against other hazards that can be a distraction. Gravel, kickup, dust, and dirt particles all blow in from the wind and can find a home on your vehicle’s front-end. The Interceptor hood shield offers a dependable line of defense that keeps everything clean. You do not have to be an off-roading fanatic or contractor to glean the benefits of this customization. Interceptor hood shields give drivers from all climates protection against roadside elements and of course, pesky insects.

A special material is used in the making of this product. Lund Interceptor bug shields are made from a substance known as “polycarbonate.” This material is used in a wide variety of exterior automotive parts due to its durability and waterproof property. It is imperative that a hood bug deflector present a nonstick, waterproof surface. After all, it is constantly exposed to the weather, not to mention other external influences. The Lund Interceptor bug shield is molded from polycarbonate because it is a material that will not become damaged due to rust.

Another factor is overall strength. Any object locked front and center on your hood is put at risk. With Lund interceptor bug shields there is no need to be concerned. Its polycarbonate construction makes it extraordinarily tough in encounters with rocks or debris. It can even stand up to low speed mishaps. Should a larger vehicle back in to your truck or SUV, you will not have to worry about the Lund interceptor bug shield cracking or breaking.

As for aesthetics, this item has another advantage: It is not cumbersome. These SUV hood deflectors are not shaped like the ones from decades ago. Rather than presenting a hulking fixture that can become a hindrance, there is a hint of style instead. That can be credited to the design. Lund gave the SUV hood deflectors a low-profile shape. They do not enact a clunky awning over your hood, nor do they rise up high off of the surface. You will retain complete view of the road once the SUV hood deflector is installed.

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