This GS Ceramic Coated Downpipe Can Be an Important Addition to Your Turbo Setup

The objective of a GrimmSpeed cat delete pipe is to help your exhaust system churn out a higher level of performance. If you take a peek at the rows of cars waiting in line at the track or drag strip, you will see a lot of upgraded parts. And if you take a peek at the exhausts, chances are you will find a GrimmSpeed cat delete pipe. Freeing up airflow so it can move around easier means higher horsepower and torque. It also means a more efficient exhaust system. A GrimmSpeed cat delete pipe is designed special for your vehicle and can be mated to either stock or aftermarket Subaru parts with no problem.

It is hard to be competitive with factory settings. A Grimmspeed catless downpipe takes care of that. The premise is simple. Inside every stock Subaru Impreza exhaust are catalytic converters. OEM turbo down pipes have two of them. The issue is that the catalytic converters hold back exhaust flow from being able to travel faster. A Grimmspeed catless downpipe is installed in place of the OEM part, removing the cats. Once this is achieved, airflow is unlocked and given an easier exit. Horsepower booms, turbo responds, and your car goes faster. No race setup is complete without a Grimmspeed catless downpipe.

One issue many drivers are faced with is legality. Due to section 203 of the Clean Air Act, operating a car with a part such as a Grimmspeed catless downpipe is prohibited. Individual states have their own interpretation of this and therefore, separate emissions guidelines. You can receive a ticket or fail inspection if you are going to attempt driving on the street with a cat delete Subaru pipe. Plus, they were not designed for residential use. Being that most drivers who desire cat delete Subaru pipes are racers they are intended for tracks and off-road courses.

You can choose a ceramic coating once you are ready to order. Putting a ceramic coat on a cat delete Subaru pipe protects it from being overcome with heat. When heat escapes the surface of the pipe exhaust performance is hindered. It also radiates to surrounding components in the WRX turbo exhaust. Ceramic paint enacts heat dissipation both inside and outside of the part. This gives it a longer life and better functionality.

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