They Can Stand the Heat: Magnecor Wires Hold Up in Extreme Temps

One of the main qualities consistent with Magnecor wires is their ability to resist heat. Magnecor ignition wires are heat resistant so that the extreme heat associated with the engine will not melt the wires. The insulation jacket on all Magnecor wires are designed provide the best spark energy while deflecting the high temperatures. Cheap aftermarket ignition wires will melt if the insulation jacket is not made from strong enough materials.

Temperatures around a working engine can reach into the hundreds and various parts need to withstand the heat. Magnecor race wires are notoriously known for handling these temperatures. The race wires used on high performance engines needs to be able to resist heat better than on a normally driven vehicle. Magnecor ignition wires are perfect for that upgraded ignition system that delivers a stronger spark to your spark plugs. There are also some aftermarket spark plug wires that do not suppress EMI, but Magnecor suppresses this and are extremely heat resistant.

When spark plug wires melt, they will lose their ability to supply the spark plugs with spark energy and would need to be replaced. You will notice a drop in engine performance and spark energy would be leaked. Engine misfires will happen and fuel mileage will be decreased. The only way to ensure that your ignition cables will not melt is to use Magnecor ignition cables so they can resist the heat. Heat resistant ignition cables should absolutely be used if you want to protect your engine properly.

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