The Word You Need for Replacement Floor Mats: “Waterproof”

Waterproof Weatherbeater liners do it all

Wherever you live, chances are you have plenty of days where the climate isn’t so kind to your vehicle. The damage done by the weather can be inflicted on the interior as well as the exterior, which is what makes waterproof floor mats always a good idea. That is the keyword drivers need to remember – “waterproof.”

Many aftermarket mats are installed more for comfort than they are for practical use. The problem is, when they get wet, they can be ruined. The best part about waterproof floor liners is that this isn’t a problem. In fact, Husky floor liners are specifically made to not only protect the floor of your vehicle from rain, ice, and spills, but to outlast the life of your car, as well. It doesn’t matter if your car is new or old, the benefits are available to every driver.

One of the main characteristics of waterproof liners is that they defend your floor from wetness, obviously. But it is important to know why this is…well, important. Inside every vehicle, there is a type of carpet. This carpet plays two roles. The first is to provide a semi-soft feeling of comfort. The second role is to give the actual flooring of the car a sort of protective layer. Therefore, it is crucial that this carpeting maintains its integrity. Should the car’s carpet become wet, take on a chemical spill, or become ripped, several problems can present themselves. When a carpet gets soaked, over time a dry patch develops. Dry patches allow the fibers to tear easily and it can be a costly thing to fix. If the actual flooring of a vehicle ever becomes damaged, the situation can be dangerous. There can be exposed wiring or components of the undercarriage visible. Ensuring your vehicle’s carpet doesn’t get soaked in water goes a long way towards preserving overall safety. Without waterproof floor liners, your interior is at greater risk.

Another aspect of this customization is that there is a touch of comfort in its own right. While Husky WeatherBeater Liners are certainly geared more towards offering stout protection, the reason why they are recognized for their level of comfort is because of the surface. When a carpet mat is wet, it’s an unpleasant place to rest your feet. It squishes, water seeps up, and it makes your shoes uncomfortable. Okay, so take water out of the equation. If there is no squishy feeling near the pedals, you don’t have to worry about your feet getting soaked. There is no soft, threaded fabric that can get wet. Plus, these liners feature a patterned design on the mat that directs water away from the center and perimeter of the surface to keep water out of your way.

The material Husky weatherproof  mats are made from involves a special kind of rubber. This rubber is a thermoplastic polymer compound that is made to deter moisture or foreign substances from reaching your car’s interior carpet while giving your feet a durable yet comfortable place to rest. One reason why this rubberized compound works so well is because it makes it easy for the liner to stay in position. Some types of floor mats are crafted from rubber that is too soft, so the mats will bend or flop around, and slide out of place. The Husky liner material is somewhat stiff, so it stays matched up to where it is supposed to be in your vehicle. It is also nearly indestructible, which is evidenced by the Lifetime Warranty Husky products come with.

If you are looking for new mats, Husky makes them for vehicles in every class. All of their offerings are created specifically for each car so that they provide a perfect fit to the OEM dimensions. When you are ready to choose the protective upgrade for your car, truck, or SUV, all you have to do is input the year, make, and model and it will show you what is available for your vehicle.

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