The Stage 3+ Clutch Highlights Confident Acceleration, Reliable Design

Similar to the stage 3 clutch, the Spec Stage 3+ clutch offers more power handling capabilities for those not willing to jump to the Spec stage 4 clutch. It is a much more aggressive clutch kit designed for your high performance vehicle and is not too harsh on your leg despite it being a borderline race clutch. Every vehicle is different, but there is very little clutch chatter which is apparent on many aftermarket clutches and something owners want to avoid.

Durability is gained with every Spec clutch that you use for your vehicle. They are built from high carbon materials that can withstand extreme temperatures when operating under high speeds. Each Stage 3+ clutch kit is built to the same specifications for your vehicle that will allow your torque to be transferred to the wheels. All those performance enhancements are useless if you cannot put the power to the wheels. You can take pass after pass on the drag strip and still feel the performance clutch performing at its best.

The clutch and driveline of any vehicle is crucial in getting the power to your wheels, so only quality and durable components must be used. Skimping out in this area will only cause problems for you and the vehicle. Upgrading to a performance clutch kit the first time is the best way to do it. Spending countless amounts of dollars and labor time on cheap products only makes for headaches. Using the Spec clutch kit allows the owner to operate the vehicle with confidence in every shift.

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