The SPEC Stage 2 Clutch Offers More Punch When You Need It

With a torque rating of 520 ft. /lbs., the Spec stage 2 clutch provides your performance vehicle with better power transfer capabilities and longer life. This performance clutch kit is designed for vehicles with minor to moderate performance upgrades, in which the factory clutch cannot handle. Launching your car along with quick shifts will greatly reduce the life of your factory clutch disc and the Spec clutch kit is a perfect replacement.

This Spec clutch is also capable of handling power added from forced induction like a turbo charger or supercharger. Performance upgrades of this nature will destroy any stock clutch and driveline and the only way of transferring this added power is by upgrading to a performance clutch. Each Spec clutch kit can handle the power it is rated for without wearing out or failing prematurely.

Although not perfect for every style of driving, the Spec performance clutch is good for street racing, drag racing, pulling and autocross. It is very versatile for vehicle that like to do both street racing and hit the track on the weekends in which some performance clutches are not able to handle both.

Every Spec clutch must be broken in properly in order for it to perform at its peak. Spec recommends about 500 miles of driving before you abuse the Stage 2 clutch kit or it can become damaged from not allowing a progressive break-in period. The clutch kit needs to experience all temperature ranges before it is heated up too fast.

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