The SPAL 12V Fan Brings Maintenance, Consistency

You can choose Spal cooling fans in a variety of sizes. It’s not as if one choice is all you get. Look at the general space available in the engine bay along with what your vehicle’s needs are. When it comes down to it, there are enough options to get lost in. You can even select the blade shape, curved or straight, depending on the type of vehicle you own. But when it comes to voltage, there isn’t much choice. Spal cooling fans are most often found in 12 volts. There are several reasons for this, as 12 volt car fans represent the voltage most commonly applied for engine bay cooling.

Higher voltage means more amps required, which in turn means more energy being used. This can also lead to extraneous wires and short circuits or blown fuses. It is all unnecessary. Most cooling fans available do not require more than 12 volts in today’s cars, which makes them an effective option. Another added benefit is that you can add more than one. For higher performance vehicles, drivers can add two 12 volt car fans with large diameters and not have to worry about overloading a fuse. And since Spal cooling fans do not waste energy, they derive all of the voltage they need while being able to produce the volume of air necessary for optimal radiator or oil temperature.

On some occasions, drivers have chosen Spal accessories with higher voltage than they need. When this happens, a fan may not last long. A 24v motor requires more amps and if a correct wiring path is not made, it can lead to problems. Most vehicles will perform just fine with a 12 volt car fan. If you are interested in running two instead of one, it is crucial to make sure you have the wiring necessary to accommodate them. Relays and switches for Spal 12v fans are purchased separately. All of their wiring is OEM quality.

Spal 12v fans are very popular because of how energy-efficient they are. On the right motor, they are able to bring down temperatures in the engine compartment nearly immediately. This is despite any restrictions that take place such as a radiator wall blocking airflow or a push fan losing volume through the core. For cars that feature turbo engine parts and exhausts there is a higher risk of overheating. Whether done automatically or with a remote, a Spal 12v fan can kick on and cool things down in a hurry right when you need it the most.

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