The Scoop on Tein Suspension Springs You Need to Know

Sport compact enthusiasts turn to TEIN springs when looking for quality aftermarket suspension springs. Not only do TEIN springs provide great drivability, but the name is recognized across the world. Originally started in Japan, TEIN springs continue to develop high quality springs for both street driving and high performance racing.

There are many factors that come into play when selecting aftermarket springs for your vehicle. TEIN springs offer many different types of lowering springs to accommodate both the driver and the vehicle. There are hundreds of different lowering springs and coilovers on the market today. TEIN springs have made it easy for the user by providing specifications on how much it lowers the car and what type of driving it is good for. Considering that a vehicle’s suspension is one of the main parts, a quality spring should be chosen. There is nothing worse than a bumpy or harsh ride that other companies offer.

Swapping out the vehicle’s stock springs for TEIN springs will provide both increased handling and an enhance appearance. TEIN H-techs and TEIN S-techs are two standalone springs that are available. The TEIN H-techs are designed for use with factory shock absorbers. TEIN H-techs will lower the car approximately 1.2 inches. This gives the vehicles a more performance feel when driving and tightens up the suspension. TEIN S-techs are designed for use with aftermarket shock absorbers. They are not recommended for use with factory shock absorbers because they put extreme wear on them. TEIN S-techs lower the car about 1.5 inches which is more than the H-techs. The H-techs from TEIN springs lower and provide an even more aggressive look. Handling is increased as well. If bad roads are an issue in your area, the H-techs might be your best option. Although the S-techs provide a more aggressive drop, the car might scrape the roads and could be problematic for anything underneath the vehicle.

Basic springs are great for everyday drivers and those who are looking for a mild drop. TEIN coilovers are some of the best aftermarket coilovers on the market. Their suspension kit systems are designed utilizing both a spring & shock absorber to provide optimum performance and drivability. Each specific coilover system components have been tested and approved to work in conjunction with each other. Trying to pair the right spring with the right shock absorbers can be confusing. TEIN has made it easy by offering numerous coilover kits. TEIN springs suspension kits are fully adjustable and are great for both daily driving and all out racing. Each suspension kit also has different spring rates. High performance vehicles may want lower spring rates, while daily driven vehicles want higher springs rates. At the end of the day, coilover kits are designed for many different styles of driving. TEIN coilovers are adjustable from ride height to ride damping. Having full control of your vehicle’s suspension is a great feature. It can be raised in the winter for snow and lowered back down in the summer for an aggressive look.

With so many options, TEIN springs have something available for everyone. Their prices are low as well. TEIN springs cost a few hundred dollars. That is a relatively inexpensive price for what it does to the vehicle. TEIN coilovers, on the other hand, start out at around eight hundred dollars, and can cost a couple of thousand for their top of the line suspension kits. TEIN springs can also work without a camber kit. An alignment should be done before anything. If lowering the vehicle with TEIN coilovers, a camber kit and possibly control arms would be needed depending on how low the user wants to go.

TEIN Suspension Springs
A unique feature for TEIN springs if their electronic damping for controller, or EDFC. The EDFC is a controller for the user to set his or her spring rates via controller mounted inside the vehicle. Each spring is wired to a controller and with the touch of a button, damping of the shock absorber can be adjusted. Damping is how hard or soft the shock absorber is. TEIN springs have made it easy for the driver to adjust on-the-go. As automotive suspension professionals, TEIN springs also offer a strut bar to work in conjunction with their parts. The TEIN strut bar is mounted at the top of one spring to the other and is specific to the front suspension. This suspension component tightens up body roll and handling as well. TEIN springs offer their products for both import and domestic vehicles. Other car enthusiasts will recognize the green and gold colors when riding on TEIN springs.

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