The Scoop on EBC Rotors

Automotive brake rotors are used to provide stopping power for your car or truck. The rotor is stopped by a brake pad that clamps down when the brake pedal is pushed. These braking system components must be maintained to ensure the vehicle can be properly stopped. There is no exact time period for how long brake rotors will last since it depends on the type of driving that is done. Automotive brake rotors are found on the end of each drive axle. The rotor’s caliper houses the brake pad which is mounted on the rotor itself. When the brake pedal is depressed, fluid is pushed into the caliper which clamps the pad onto the rotor to slow the vehicle down. There are many types including drilled rotors, slotted rotors, performance rotors, drilled and slotted rotors and dimpled rotors.

All of these car brake rotors have unique designs. Automotive rotors are made in either disc brake rotors or drum brakes. The disc brakes are usually found on the front of most vehicles with the drum brakes being on the rear. The front of the braking system is more essential than the rear. The car’s front rotors handle all the heavy loads which is why most cars have brake dust build up on the front wheels. The car’s rear rotors don’t do as much, but they are still needed when slowing down heavy vehicles or coming to a quick stop. Using drum brakes on the rear of the car will reduce costs for the manufacturer.

Drum brake rotors are not ideal for the front braking system. It is fine under normal braking conditions except for when heavy braking is needed. The drum becomes too hot and loses its effectiveness to slow the car down. Most high performance cars from the factory come with disc brakes all around. Drum brakes are used on lower end vehicles. Disc brake rotors are available in many different styles. EBC brake rotors manufacturer a quality line of automotive rotors. Premium brake rotors, USR slotted rotors, 3GD sport rotors, high carbon brake discs, and BSD disc rotors are all available from EBC.

Premium Brake Rotors

Factory rotors can sometimes wear out excessively quick .EBC brake rotors offers their premium line of replacement rotors to replace them. These rotors are made out of cast iron to ensure longevity. EBC brake rotors are designed for a direct swap with the factory rotors for your specific vehicle. No modifications are needed. If you want the same look but better performance than factory, upgrade to a set of EBC premium rotors.

USR Slotted Rotors

Slotted rotors are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. When slotted rotors were first introduced, they were only available for high performance race cars. After finding out how well they worked, automotive manufacturers starting using the technology. USR slotted rotors from EBC have machined slots in their iron-made rotors. The function of the slot is to dissipate heat quicker for better performance. The design decreases any noise that may occur while stopping. EBC rotors use the latest technology to precisely create these slots. Uneven brake pad wear can lead to vibrations while driving. EBC brake rotors ensure completely-even pad wear with these rotors. The USR slotted rotors aren’t just for high performance vehicles. They are available for nearly any car or truck on the road today.

3GD Sport Rotors

Drilled and slotted rotors, an upgrade from slotted rotors, offer increased heat dissipation and appearance as well. EBC 3GD sport rotors are designed using both slots and small holes. The hole allow for cooler air to enter, while the slots allow the hot air to escape. Brake fade is extremely reduced with these automotive rotors from EBC. Just like the USR, they create a flat surface on the brake pad to ensure no vibrations. These sport rotors are for use on any vehicle, but specifically for high performance. An outside coating in either black or gold will not only look nice, but will protect against any corrosion.

High Carbon Disc Brakes

Ultimate high performance vehicles need high performance braking systems. High carbon disc brakes have been developed by EBC rotors. These braking system components are made for some of the highest performance vehicles like the Lotus Elise and Honda Civic Type R. High carbon disc brakes prevent any possibility of the rotor cracking and reduce brake judder during high speeds. The EBC brake rotors also promote a quicker break-in period for new automotive brake pads. EBC uses a special powder coat to ensure longevity. Using greenstuff or yellowstuff pads with the high carbon disc rotors will provide even more stopping power for your high performance vehicle.

Maintaining your braking system

Proper maintenance of your vehicle’s braking system is crucial since most of us drive every day. EBC rotors offers everything needed to service any brake component. A good rule of thumb is to check your brakes and rotors when rotating the car’s tires. This usually occurs around every 5,000 miles depending on how much driving the tires have seen. Fluids and cleaners from EBC rotors will help ensuring the car will stop at the next red light. In certain situations, the brakes caliper can be seized or locked up and unable to move. This makes it difficult to change the vehicle’s rotors and pads. EBC Rotors has caliper lube that will release the part and allow it to be removed.

Brake fluid should always be checked as it is used so frequently. After owning the vehicle for a few years, use a fluid tester from EBC rotors. The brake fluid regularly absorbs water and will then need to be flushed when it has reached a certain level. Without clean brake fluid, the driver will notice increased brake fade and corrosion will start to set in. During the winter months, it is a good practice to wash off the rotors from time to time. Salt and sand can build up on the exterior of the rotor cause it to corrode much faster. All EBC rotors must be properly broken in. Just like their brake pads, the car’s rotors must create an even surface for the pad to stop on.

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