The Rhino Charger Is Not Your Ordinary Jeep Bull Bar

The objective of a Rhino Charger RC2 is to provide protection for the front of your vehicle. A truck bumper is exposed to more hazards than other parts of the exterior. It is lower to the ground and can encounter rocks and different types of debris. Locking on a Rhino Charger RC2 keeps the lower front-end secure, enacting a barrier between your truck and the road. While the main goal is security, some drivers want one for the appearance. Installing a Rhino Charger RC2 adds a custom accent that combines the ruggedness of your vehicle with an attractive finish.

Multiple features emphasize this part. First is the material. Rhino bull bars are made of .065″ steel, which is recognized for its high level of durability. It will not become dented or dinged from minor disturbances and can handle various grades of impact. The steel is shaped into 2.5″ or 3″ diameter tubing, giving it extra toughness for all driving conditions. Each rhino bull bar also comes with a removable stainless steel skid plate. This is for additional protection for the middle area of the bumper. You can also mount several 6″ auxiliary lights using the tabs on a rhino bull bar. For drivers who enjoy off-roading, it is an important asset that comes in handy.

All rhino bull bars are custom-designed to fit specific vehicles via year, make, and model. The exact measurement of your bumper is congruent to the specifications of the part. You cannot use a steel truck front bar that was intended for another vehicle on yours because it will not fit and can cause damage. However, since it is a model-specific accessory, the steel truck front bar is not difficult to install. You do not have to drill or make any additional modifications to the front of the truck. The steel truck front bar bolts on using the included hardware.

There are two primary finishes available. You can order a Go Rhino bumper guard in either black powder coat or polished steel. Both finishes are intended to be resistant to rust and corrosion. A charger front bar in black gets a 5-year warranty on the finish. Polished steel is supported by a limited lifetime warranty.

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