The Oil Filter K&N Offers Doesn’t Have an Equal

K&N Oil Filter

Keeping up with regular maintenance on today’s vehicles can sometimes be a hassle. Engine oil filters are a vital part of how your vehicle’s engine runs and operate. K&N oil filters are some of the best filters around have been on the market for many years. The quality in which they are made and how they perform are second to none. The power plant for any vehicle is the engine. When an engine is running good, the car and the owner are both happy. The engine’s oil filter allows oil to move to various parts of the car. Oil takes part in cooling your engine and keeping contaminants out. K&N oil filters have taken conventional oil filters to a whole new level.

K&N oil filters come in two types of automotive applications – pro series filters and wrench-off oil filters. Both of these do the same job but can be applied to different needs and type of driving. K&N oil filter pro series have been designed by the company to reduce oil filter restriction and provide engine performance. With the K&N oil filter, the oil is capable of flowing at a faster rate. This relates to more power from the engine. The K&N filters pro series also provides lasting engine protection throughout the life of the filter.

These filters are also for use with any engine oil including conventional, synthetic and blended. K&N wrench-off performance oil filters are offered for high performance engines. These oil filters are designed for race applications. In most racing vehicles, oil pressure is at a premium and needs a high performance oil filter to handle the pressure. K&N automotive wrench-off filter is also designed with an exposed nut making it very easy for removal. Cartridge oil filters are also offered by K&N. Cartridge oil filters are found in some newly made cars today. These have a different design than the typical canister filter. K&N cartridge filters are great for high-end synthetic engine oil. K&N filter has also released a new washable and reusable filter.

Most of the parts in this filter are made of billet and stainless steel aluminum to withstand the elements. This style of filter will save hundreds of dollars. If racing is your hobby, than check out K&N oil filter’s inline fuel/oil filters. These products are specifically made by K&N for the avid race enthusiast. This filter can be used with any type of oil and fuels like methanol. The filter is constructed using aluminum and stainless steel allowing for minimal corrosion. No other oil filter company has a product like this on the market. This makes the K&N filter the only way to go. Maintenance will be much cheaper and only oil will be needed when an oil change is needed. Turbo diesel engines consist of higher compression levels than a regular automotive engine. K&N filters offer heavy-duty oil filters for specific diesel engines. These are also easily removable by a nut that is welded on the top of the K&N oil filter canister. The specific automotive oil filter tool is not needed when using a K&N oil filter.

Choosing the right oil filter can sometimes decide the longevity of your vehicle. Sticking to a well-known company like K&N will provide the owner with the confidence and peace of mind they need. K&N filters do not lack quality in their product. Other filters on the marker like Amsoil and Mobile1 are typically for use with their specific oil. With the K&N filter, any oil can be used. The K&N oil filter also offers a better trapping rate of dust and contaminants at 99%. Most of the other companies only offer 98% at best. Easy installation is also a big bonus when using K&N oil filter. They use small nuts on the end of the oil filter canister so make for quick remove and install. This is especially important for race enthusiasts. Other automotive filters on the market can be more expensive than K&N filters as well. The price of a product doesn’t necessarily mean it is better. K&N oil filter offers their products at great prices and will compete with any other oil filter in the industry. The K&N oil filter can also last over 15,000 miles. Factory oil filters are only rated for half of that. Longevity and quality is what K&N oil filters offer. Your engine will be very happy when using their products.

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