The Gemini Catback Is More Than Just a Cool Name

Invidia developed the Gemini catback exhaust for a concentrated segment of performance models that includes the Infiniti G35, Nissan 350Z and the Nissan 370Z. These are cars that can only host specific exhaust upgrades due to OEM part restrictions. A Gemini catback exhaust system fits unique performance cars other exhausts cannot. Featuring custom-designed pipes and an oval muffler, Gemini catback exhaust systems bypass manufacturer limits to offer a healthy boost in horsepower along with a sporty, exotic exhaust tone that won’t alert the authorities.

The Gemini exhaust system is a dual-exhaust setup, which means it uses two separate pipes to distribute exhaust gases away from the cylinders in a V6 or V8 engine. Since the exhaust air is kept apart, the result is a more fluid method of evacuation (for cars with the appropriate engine configuration). Because this takes place mostly in the undercarriage, a Gemini exhaust system is able to free up airflow that runs from the engine to the pipes without having to interfere with the car’s ground clearance. The added airflow being freed gives the engine more breathability, which in turn increases horsepower and torque.

One of the main benefits of a Gemini exhaust system is the sound. Once installed, at mid to high range RPMs aGemini exhaust system demonstrates a deep, loud tone that is very noticeable. While the exhaust note is more aggressively defined, it still falls within the 95 dB (decibel) limit imposed by state jurisdictions (such as California).

Invidia Gemini cat back exhaust systems are constructed of T-304 stainless steel. The steel pipes are mandrel-bent and TIG-welded for extra sturdiness. To guarantee a precise fit, each Invidia Gemini cat back exhaust is manufactured using CNC machining, taking into account your vehicle’s distinct manifold requirements.

There are three tip options available for an Invidia Gemini cat back exhaust – polished stainless, rolled titanium, and slash-cut titanium. This is a main feature of the Invidia cat back exhaust because many drivers who use one display their models at car shows and racing conventions.

Installing a Gemini dual exhaust can be performed solo if you have prior experience because it is a bolt-on process. But if you are unfamiliar with this type of installation, it is recommended to take your stainless steel exhaust to an experienced auto shop. You can contact UltraRev for further assistance.

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