The Deal About Unity Steel Suspension Conversions

Switching to a steel suspension conversion from air used to be a challenging process. There were not a lot of aftermarket options and the OEM would overcharge for the service and parts. Nowadays, things are different and drivers can undergo a steel suspension conversion with no problem. Unity Automotive is a company that makes it simple. They are pretty much the leaders when it comes to including kits that help you change from air shocks to steel. One of the biggest advantages Unity gives to drivers is the options available. Choices come in either a collection of components or fully assembled kits, depending on your vehicle’s requirements.

Not all vehicles are eligible for the same modification. Some drivers will be able to order a Unity air ditcher with all of the mechanisms ready for them to be put together. This includes struts, suspension springs, shocks, coils, valves, pistons and hardware. All of the parts come with the aftermarket coil suspension kit so that you do not have to locate each component one by one. The CSA version of the kit is different, however. For this, the coil suspension is fully assembled, eliminating the need for you to do so. But each CSA setup must be ordered for each tire separately because they are not included together in one kit.

Although a lot of drivers enjoy an air system, there are several benefits with an upgraded coil suspension. The primary advantage is the cost. Air systems are made up of more working parts than a typical assembly. They require electricity from the vehicle, compressors, and different hardware. If it fails, it may require replacing every part and spending a lot of money. This is not the case with Unity suspension springs.

Instead, Unity has designed their kit to provide both OEM quality parts and a simpler installation at a fraction of the cost. It can run you up to several thousand dollars to replace damaged air shocks and a long time to fix them. An air to coil conversion gives you the same factory-level results you are looking for along with a much faster installation process. The springs bring a smooth driving experience with very durable components, guaranteeing both longevity and comfort.

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