The Deal About Elliptical Truck Springs You Might Have Been Wondering About

Tuff Country Leaf Springs

Putting a little lift in your rig with elliptical truck springs accomplishes more than supporting some height. You also get the same smooth ride that you are used to. Tuff Country puts an emphasis on versatility in their springs that allows for consistent damping along with a lifted effect. What stands out the most is that it takes several moving parts to make this happen. It is a combination of circular physics and dependable suspension fittings. Proper weight displacement as well as dense material commitment not only improves your vehicle’s stance, but maintains overall driving balance.

Since we are dealing with full size vehicles, ride comfort is often a priority. One of the benefits to having a truck has always been the cushier drivability. But with a lifted truck using positive arch springs, it is just as important to maintain an even base. And that is what makes this upgrade different. Tuff Country leaf springs are tapered towards the end. While tapering contributes a streamlined suspension characteristic, it is also good for balance. As weight transfers vertically and then forward, stress on the shocks is dissipated because the energy is absorbed before being re-directed. The outcome is more smoothness, even on a lifted truck.

It is how suspension energy is absorbed that makes a difference. Tuff Country shock springs are constructed of steel and layered thick. The extra thickness is responsible for a positive damping response. It is also helpful because it cuts down on parts. Thick springs portray a sturdy resting point. Given the layers of steel there is no need for all those extra leaves that bring down spring rate. Energy that is dampened out by the suspension links quickly subsides, letting the vehicle regain its footing following turbulence. This effect is a big reason why Tuff Country leaf springs are popular for off-roading vehicles.

You can also expect better response coming from the suspension. Tuff Country’s options come with polyurethane bushings, not factory rubber. The balance of your truck is maintained without sacrificing ride quality and stiffness is increased. The idea behind including poly bushings with the leaf spring kit is because it adds a sportier feel. Depending on the application handling is reinforced to accommodate a lift. For most trucks, springs are installed in pairs.

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