The Deal About AEM Air Intakes and Why They Are So Beneficial

Searching for quality car parts for your vehicle can sometimes be a hassle. Finding the right part along with a good manufacturer is not always the easiest. In the car enthusiast industry, automotive air intakes could possibly be the largest area of what manufacturers produce. Car intakes come in all styles and sizes depending on your specific vehicle and come in a number of designs as well. Some of these automobile intakes perform better and are also visibly more appealing than the competition. AEM has been in the aftermarket automotive industry since the last 1980s and are still striving today. For any car enthusiast, when they hear AEM, they know its quality. AEM has been in the tuner market from the very beginning. They have not slacked off either. Their products are second to none.

Adding a boost in horsepower and a louder sound to your engine is what some enthusiasts are after. An automotive air intake will do just that. These air intakes come in a couple of different styles and replace your stock air box. What makes this product so appealing is the low cost and the ease of installation. Most car air intakes can run a few hundred dollars or so, and do not take much time to install. Resorting to an aftermarket air intake can do wonders for your engines performance. The stock air box is not designed to provide optimal performance. Typically, the air box on your car is doing more harm than good. The factory air box cannot and will not supply as much air to the intake manifold like an aftermarket intake will. This has been proven which is why it also increases horsepower from the engine. Another bad design that the factory air box possesses is the closeness to the engine. Your engine runs better on cooler air. The factory air box does not pulling cool air like it should, but instead taking the warm air from around the engine. The factory intake also has multiple bends and does not allow the air to flow freely.

The automotive aftermarket industry is littered with air intakes. Styles like short ram and cold air are two of the popular choices. A short ram automobile air intake will free up more air and be less restrictive than your factory air box. This will provide your engine with more air. But, a short ram intake is also close to the engine just like from the factory. This intake will suck air that has already been passed through the radiator and has bounced off warm engine parts. A short ram automotive air intake is a great improvement over your stock intake, but it is not anything spectacular. It will give you some minimal gains in horsepower and also give you a louder sound when you step on the gas. For some, this may work well. It is relatively easy to install and is also easily accessible when being serviced. The price for a short ram air intake is cheaper than a cold air intake since it uses much less material to make. A short ram automotive air intake is made out of a few different materials including aluminum and silicone tubing. The aluminum will of course be much warmer than the silicone tube.

For those of you that are after cooler air traveling to your engine, a cold air intake is what you want. The cold air automotive intake will provide you with everything the short ram has to offer and more. Instead of supplying your engine with warm air like the short ram, the cold air intake sucks in cooler air due to where it is installed. Typically, a cold air intake is installed just at the bottom of your front bumper. This allows the intake the greatest opportunity in sucking in cooler air. Your engine will be much happier with you. With a longer intake comes more money; however, you get what you pay for. One idea to consider is that with a cold air intake, the filter will be sitting at the bottom of your front bumper.

This could be an issue if you drive through some deep puddles. Sucking up water through your air intake will seize your engine. AEM has provided a solution to this through developing a bypass valve. Adding a bypass valve will help if this was to happen. The bypass valve stops the water flow from going up the intake, and opens up filters around the intake itself so the engine can still breathe. Using this bypass valve in your automotive cold air intake is a wise decision. Aside from cold air and short ram air intakes, they are also offered in power chambers. These chambers are all designed differently for specific vehicles to try and optimize engine performance. With whatever automotive air intake you decided to go with, you can rest assure it will provide your engine with better air flow and some more horsepower over the stock air box.

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