The Billet BumpStep Offers a Cool Look Plus Outstanding Protection

The Weathertech billet bumpstep is a multi-use product that is installed in your vehicle’s rear hitch. The Weathertech bumpstep provides exterior protection for your rear bumper while also acting as a step to the roof of your vehicle. This is ideal if you have storage, bikes, ski equipment or simply need to clean your roof. The bumper step is made from billet aluminum to handle any task.

Accidents do happen and often in parking lots or while parallel parking. The Weathertech bumper protector acts as a barrier between your bumper and the vehicle that might be coming into contact with it. It is very strong and durable so it will not break upon impact. Repairing or even replacing the rear bumper is costly, while the Weathertech bumpstep is a very affordable addition.

The Weathertech bumper protector is a solid square of billet aluminum with a diamond plate tread on the top for a non-slip surface. It is small enough that it will not hinder the appearance, but big enough to protect the bumper and provide a solid step-up. You can use this instead of the ladder next time when putting your luggage on the roof rack.

Paint protection is offered in so many ways and this is at the top of the list. It also has adjustments that allow the step bumper protector to be extended further for even more protection. Not only will it protect from minor vehicle accidents, but other accidents too like rolling garbage cans and other flying objects.

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